Sat. May 25th, 2024

Lots of companies struggle to find full revenue. It’s not weird: there are tons of problems that could occur, that tackle this. Understanding where these problems occur is often a great first step in earning exactly what you should earn. In this blog, we’ll explain three problems that we often see occur that could find you have less revenue than you should have. Prevent yourself!

1. Content optimalization

Your website is one of the most important parts of your company nowadays. Most potential customers start of their customer journey by a quick Google search, in which your website should already pop up. Once someone has found your website, it’s important they immediately find what they want to find, as this is pretty much your only chance of securing the deal. If your website isn’t suited to this just yet, content optimalization is the right service for you. Here, you rearrange your website according to your customer’s wish: where to expect to find products, that’s where you place it!

2. Shipping

You might be surprised to find this item on the list. Of course, you do whatever it takes to pack your products as perfect as possible, but doesn’t everyone? Although it’s very good that you do this, this isn’t what we mean. Shipping is more than your packaging, it’s also the way your package is delivered. Nowadays, that’s something a lot of people have an opinion on, which goes as far that some customers won’t choose for your company if a preferred courier isn’t a possibility here. By working with a variety of different couriers, you make sure you won’t miss out on anyone interested.

3. DMCA Takedowns

Some companies don’t earn as much as they should of their products, because there’s a second party involved that’s reselling them for a higher price. When this happens to you, you’re the victim of (online) piracy. Now that a lot of things happen online, this happens more than often. Luckily, by requesting DMCA Takedowns, you should be well-secured, but you do have to know what it takes to request this successfully. Make sure to invest in a cyber security expert such as Onsist, so you ensure yourself or all the revenue you deserve.

Start cashing!

Once you implement these tips into your company, you’ll revenue will grow in no-time. Good luck!

By Manali