Sat. May 25th, 2024

If you are an avid reader, you must also be good at organizing your books on the shelf. However, many people have a habit of stuffing their books wherever they find space. How you organize your bookshelves and where you keep your books play a very important role in your reading habits.

You will want to read a book when the shelf looks organized and books are arranged properly. The process of organizing your bookshelf doesn’t have to be difficult. Below we have listed a few easy and effective ways to keep your books organized at home. Let’s take a look:

Buy the Right Book Shelf

First things first, you need to look for the right bookshelf. It should be spacious enough to accommodate your entire book collection. Buy a cupboard where you don’t have to cram the books. You must rather invest in a shelf that’s big enough to keep all your books organized in one place. It doesn’t have to be large. In fact, a compact study table with a shelf is sufficient to store your books effortlessly.

Organize Books by Colors

For people who love to turn their shelves into statement furniture pieces, organizing books by colors is the best strategy. It is also perfect for those who associate different stories with their covers. If you often forget which book you were reading or where to find your favorite storybook or a novel, this method will always come to your rescue.

Plus, there are plenty of creative ways to make your space more organized. You can arrange your books in an ombre pattern or select another creative design (whatever works for you). A rainbow look is an interesting way to organize your books.

Stack Your Books

There’s nothing wrong with stacking books, especially if you have a handful of them. For example, you can stack up books written by your favorite author or books from a specific genre. Not only will it make your study table look organized, but it’s easier to find the book when it is organized by a genre or subject. Now that you have placed your books by genre, you know where to find a romance book on the shelf or where is the action book. If you tend to remember the book names by their author, consider organizing them alphabetically.

Display the Front of the Book

Nothing is more frustrating for a reader than taking out each book just to check if it’s the one they want to read. Display each book front and center so that you know which one to pick from the collection, instead of having to scan the entire bookshelf. You don’t want to pick each book and put them back on the shelf. Besides, nobody has time to organize their bookshelves every day. So, the best way to organize your book cupboard is by keeping the books in such a way that their front and the center portion is visible.

By Manali