Wed. Apr 17th, 2024

There is always a teacher in educational institutes who is like that flute player whom the whole town follows. Such teachers have such a magical aura that all the students follow this teacher and obey his/her orders. Such teachers never shout at children and children stay disciplined in their class without being forced, just like they are under the effect of some spell or hypnotism. It may seem like some fantasy movie but there is nothing like it here, instead those teachers who know well how to maintain discipline politely and calmly along with students create such a beautiful environment for learning and teaching. Such an authoritative trait is not easy to acquire.

Today’s school information management system also makes sure that teachers should be polite and authoritative in order to control their class properly. School information management system also makes sure that students should get care along with teaching and their morals for learning should not be demotivated anyhow. To support this mission these days schools are adopting many technical tools too like attendance management software. It is so because attendance management software makes school managements understand the interest level of the students in learning and they become able to make improvements regarding it.

Kids and students are not fools at all, they feel and they understand many things beyond our imagination. So, kids understand which tutor care for them genuinely and who is fake. They have the ability to feel it from the facial expressions, body language, words and the actions performed by the, while teaching. Such teachers when they get connected with students then they are in self-assured mode and then they teach in such a manner that students become their devotee. Such teachers have a special ability and that is to understand the feelings and emotions of the children and they keep on changing their teaching methods so that the learning interest of students should not degrade anyhow.

Self-assured and confident teachers always keep on researching for beneficial teaching content for the students and grab some good lessons from his/her life experience and education acquired to deliver to the students in order to make their learning easy and effective for them. They never stop learning to teach and they keep themselves open to new content and new findings from various research work happening all over the world so that their students may get the latest content of their lessons. 

Such teachers are so good at their because they always keep a keen eye on their each and every student such as if any student suddenly becomes silent, a student looks sad, a student looking in his/her Maths book in a bothered manner or a student comes directly and asks the teacher for help, so in all such cases such teachers have very keen eye and they catch such bothered students and rush to him/her immediately to help him/her. This attentive behaviour of the teacher not only solve the various issues of the students but also saves them for being labelled negatively like introvert of dumb etc.

Such a cooperative and disciplined class is not created overnight with magic. It takes a lot of time, patience, trust and efforts to create such a cooperative environment in the class. Initially students don’t know at all what to do and how to do but the teacher makes them understand politely and patiently endure their mischief and gradually makes them obedient with calm and discipline. Teachers need to understand that these kids are in school to learn so they can’t be assumed to behave like brilliant people so fast. Teachers should not teach like a cowboy who hits the cow and the cow silently changes her path, instead teachers should have a logical explanation for their teachings so that students should also have the correct concept of each and every theory they study in the class. 

All of us have a sense of reliability and confidence. Kids are able to sense with whom they can be safer and confident enough for their studies. Just like adults’ children are able to read the body language and tone of the voice and such tutors have such a magical voice that every student obeys him/her. Students recognize that to trust which teacher in the matter of getting perfect answers to their queries, a self-assured teacher is so effective with students. 

By Manali