Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

With an increase in industrialization and an increase in the cost of energy costs, homeowners should consider the importance of installing energy-efficient exterior doors. Most homeowners think that installing an insulated door is the solution to their energy spending concerns but they do not know what material is the best and how each material works in helping with energy efficiency.

However most homeowners will consider installing a new entry door as a way of increasing the curb appeal of their homes, they may not how important it is to install an energy-efficient door. The following is a guide on different door materials for energy-efficient exterior doors today.

  1. Why Install Energy-Efficient Doors

If your home is located in areas that experience extreme weather conditions such as extreme summer and extreme winter, an energy-efficient door is a must-do for your home. This is because in such areas it is important to regulate the temperatures inside and maintaining the temperatures at certain required levels is a challenge if the doors are not energy efficient.

The reason behind this is that the exterior door in your home plays a significant role in transferring the temperature and air leakages between the interior and the exterior of your home. This works to the homeowner’s disadvantage especially if the doors are old, broken, or even wrongly installed.

The doors don’t directly use electricity and therefore energy efficient doors mean the doors that can be installed to reduce the energy spend in your home. Reduced electricity energy means at the end of the day some money that could be used on energy bills is saved

Therefore we can say that energy-efficient exterior doors Toronto are doors that help to minimize energy usage and the costs that are linked to the temperature regulation in your home.

  1. Fiberglass Energy-Efficient Doors

Fiberglass doors are considered to be the most energy efficient.  They are made and insulated with polyurethane. This material is very rigid a property that makes it more energy efficient around six times more than normal wood.

Fiberglass exterior doors Toronto are now available in most door markets today. Even if you don’t find them in your local market, you can consider checking online shops as they are easily available with the improvements in technology.

The fiberglass material is a poor conductor of heat a property that most homeowners desire for the cold winter season. The poor heat conductivity helps to keep the warm air inside. The fiberglass doors are actually considerably cheap compared to the steel doors and vinyl doors counterparts.

The fiberglass exterior doors in Toronto are also manufactured in a variety of designs which is a property that offers a variety of options for homeowners to choose from based on their preferences and personalities too.

  1. Steel Or Aluminum Energy-Efficient Doors

These doors are made of metal and unfortunately, metal materials allow thermal transfer.  They are however energy efficient in cases where your home is not located in areas that experience extreme hot or cold temperatures. 

This is the case because the temperature on the inside is likely to be similar to the one on the outside. This is the best situation to help enjoy naturally regulated temperatures.

These doors are less expensive and most homeowners choose them in an effort to save some money. However, they should understand that they may be cheap but they will end up costing them more money on energy bills especially if the home is located where there are summer and winter seasons.

 Metal doors are not all constructed the same. Some offer better insulation than even their fiberglass counterparts. Steel or aluminum doors are the most common in the market and even though they are energy efficient, they are not the most energy efficient.

  1. Wood Energy-Efficient Doors

Wood is a material that is likely to allow heat and cold absorption. They are energy efficient only in cases where the temperatures are average and do not require a lot of regulation. This is to mean that they are not the best option if you want to save money on energy bills to the maximum level possible.

Wood exterior doors Toronto may be the best option if you are looking forward to embracing nature but they are not the best in terms of energy efficiency.

By Manali