Sun. May 26th, 2024

It is very common for adults to experience the pain of tension or headaches occasionally. You may get irritated with the pain in your head that last for hours or a day, depending on your symptoms and stress level.

According to WHO (world health organization), 50% of adults face headaches regularly. The pain in your head can slow you down and divert you to be more productive.

If you have no interest to be part of the 50% population that faces headaches, here are a few tips for you to cope with a headache. You can lessen the intensity of headaches by working on these tips.

Regular exercising

You might be familiar that what benefits your body will get from exercising. But there is one thing that many people have noticed exercising regularly can help in reducing your headaches. It is a natural way to get relief from headaches by reducing the tension and releasing the endorphins.

You should aim to do a regular 30 minutes exercise for at least 5 days a week. You will be astonished by the results once you will start exercising.

Hydrate yourself

Dehydration is known as a common trigger for migraines and severe headaches. You should always carry a water bottle with you to drink throughout the day. Drinking a good amount of water will benefit you by saving you from migraine attacks.

You should cut off the excessive amount of caffeine with water.

It is a fact that a small amount of caffeine can help in the reduction of stress. Aim yourself that you will not take more than a cup per day.

Use lavender

To eliminate the triggers that cause headaches and migraines, lavender may show a calming effect to relieve the stress. For migraine therapy, lavender oil is also used to test the effective results.

European neurologists have found that the use of lavender oil has greater effects on the reduction of stress, anxiety, and depression.

You can buy a bottle of lavender oil and sprinkle some on your pillow before sleep. It will help you to get a relaxing sleep without doing any effort.

Cut off substances:

That is not a hidden fact to that illegal drugs, tobacco, and alcohol seriously affect your brain activity. People with chronic headaches and migraines are always sensitive to alcohol.

Try to limit your intake of alcohol and quit smoking.  

You need not only kick the bad habits, but also start adopting healthier ones. Listening to music while exercising can be a great way to unwind and relax on your ten-mile run. Make sure to download the best and most motivational music playlists from here.

Proper sleep

Taking proper sleep is an essential factor for our well-being. Lack of sleep can cause some serious damage to your mental health if you continue it for a long period.

Sometimes you find that you don’t need to get straight 8 hours of sleep to function well. In some cases, people with headaches prefer an adequate amount of sleep that is not under or over sleep hours to make themselves function well.

If someone mention has told you that you snore in your sleep that can be a sign to trigger headaches or migraines. Without wasting any time you should consult your doctor.

By Manali