Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

Every motorist in New Mexico must demonstrate their ability to operate a vehicle safely and correctly in order to obtain their driver’s license. However, driving can become automatic, and many people stop following the most fundamental guidelines.

This way of thinking can be risky because it leads to mistakes and a lack of concentration. Even the most seasoned drivers should adhere to the fundamentals to safeguard their safety and the safety of other motorists in Albuquerque.

We urge you to adhere to these recommendations and always to drive sensibly and safely. However, mishaps can still occur even when extreme caution is exercised. Consult The Caruso Law Offices, P.C. professionals if you’re hurt in a car accident in Albuquerque!

Avoid tailgating

The most common reason for rear-end collisions is tailgating. Because they’re moving slower than the speed limit or because you’re running late, you could be tempted to follow too closely, but if the car in front of you suddenly has to brake, you won’t have much time to react and will be held responsible for the crash.

Missing Spots

The areas surrounding your car that you cannot see when looking forward or through your mirrors are known as blind spots. These can be risky when changing lanes, endangering both you and other motorists. If someone were to cross your path while in your blind spot and you didn’t see them, you can be held responsible for the crash.

Advice: Since each car has a unique set of blind zones, being aware of where they are essential. Parking your automobile and having someone walk around it from a distance equal to that of a car is one method of discovering where your blind spots are.

Yellow Lights

Contrary to popular belief, yellow lights are a warning to slow down, not to hurry up. If you abruptly brake as you approach a yellow light or continue to drive through it while it is still on, you run the risk of causing a collision and may even be at fault.

Stop Signals

Even if no other vehicles or people are visible, you must completely stop when you observe a stop sign. You would always be responsible if you ran a stop sign and hit a car, a pedestrian, or something else.

Recommendation: Stop within two feet of the stop sign and thoroughly inspect the junction. Be mindful of pedestrians, especially while making a right turn, and make sure no cars are coming or are already in the junction.

By Manali