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If yes, then look no further, just follow the guidelines stated underneath and you will be able to
setup your Wi-Fi extender in no time.

So let’s get started.

The very first step to setup your extender is to navigate to the netgear_ext network. In spite being the simplest step of the Extender setup, still many user encounters with trouble while implementing this step.

The most common scenarios are either you will encounter with some error message or even won’t be able to connect with the site. This is because mywifiext.local is not just any common web site available online.

Instead, it is your doorway to the smart genie (settings portal) for netgear ex6100 setup.

So if you’re getting an error message stating “You’re not connected to your Extender’s Wi-Fi network. Please check your connection and try again” while attempting to mywifiext.local login, then these might be the possible reasons:

1. If there is a bug in your Internet connection.Unstable, slow speed or the disrupted Internet connection is the most common cause for this error. And there are various error messages that can appear on your screen depending upon the browser that you’re using.

Here are certain examples:

  • If you’re using Google chrome then the message that would appear on your screen can be – “Google Chrome can’t display the webpage because your computer isn’t connected to the Internet.”
  • In case of Firefox, it might be appeared as “Firefox can’t find the server at”
  • For Safari users, it could be “Can’t find the server.”
  • And the remaining Explorer and Edge users may face this error message – “Can’t find the server.”

In these scenarios, first of all you must check if your device is connected to an active Internet connection or not which is netgear_ext. The basic troubleshooting that you may try includes restarting your router and/or modem.

Second thing to ensure is that you are getting a stable internet speed. You can use to check your internet speed.

“Tip – You may contact your Internet Service provider if you internet connection is not stable.

And if internet is not your concern, then cross verify the web address. It should be correct else you won’t be able to complete the netgear ex6100 setup.

Apart from it, you can also use the complimentary chat support by Netgear. For using the support, simply refer to

2. There might be a defect in your Extender.If you’re facing the issues with your extender, then chances are high that your extender might be defected or hardware impaired.

You can verify this with the help of these check points:

  • Check if your extender is connected to a power source or not.
  • And if it is connected to a power source; then is the power indicating LED’s are glowing or not.
  • Also if your extender has a PC to extender or Router to extender LED, then check if it is lit or not.

Inevery scenario stated above, if you see the un-favorable outcomes then definitely there might be a hardware issue with the extender.

If your device is under warranty, you can go for a replacement. Else you can consult a local technician.

So these are the most common issues that you may encounter while setting up your new extender. However, implying these simple troubleshooting steps (stated underneath) may help you out.

Troubleshooting the Extender setup issues:

  1. The very first basic troubleshooting is to power cycle your router and the extender.
  2. Next is to keep both the extender and the router at the possible least distance during the setup process.
  3. Use an Ethernet cable to pair the extender with your PC.
  4. If nothing works, then you must contact the Netgear extender support rather than wasting your precious time in blind troubleshooting.

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