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The international ocean shipping process is a key to international trade. Therefore, countries exchange goods through export and import. Even though the procedure seems easy apparently, there are plenty of process requirements you need to fulfil. However, with technological advancements, you can reduce the complexities and enjoy the procedure of online container booking. 

How to book ocean freight online:

When booking a container online, there are a few requirements you need to meet. Read the points below to understand the initial process.

  • When sending ocean freight and booking the container online, you need to mention the details of the shipment.
  • The sender needs to mention the place from where the container is to move and the destination that it needs to reach.
  • When selecting the place of origin and arrival, you need to follow the drop-down list of the container booking company.
  • You need to choose between full and less container load but for the former, you need to mention the number and type of container. 

Once you move ahead of the basic requirements, the next step is choosing the company for booking containers online.

Choosing the service provider:

Choosing the freight service provider is one of the daunting tasks you need to handle, primarily due to the availability of several different service providers. It is natural to face a dilemma when choosing the shipping company as you need to trust them for carrying the goods across the international borders. 

Typically, you need to check the experience and the exposure of the service provider for dealing with ocean freight and container booking online. Furthermore, the company must also have extensive experience in handling issues, such as cargo rerouting, worker strikes and port shutdown.

Comparing the rates and services:

Before finalizing the deal with a shipping company, you must also explore their rates and services. You will come across the different transit times and routes of these companies. You need to add the services you need at the origin and the destination, such as picking up and delivery of cargo and the port charges. You can try to inquire about the services on the site and the rates will come automatically. Try to begin with the lowest rates and climb upwards gradually. 

  • Comparing the rates and services of two to three companies allows you to understand the amount you may need to pay. 
  • Different companies have different travelling routes, so you need to find out the prices based on the route that the ship avails. 
  • Choose the quotes that are suitable for your needs and move on to the next step.

Fulfilling the B/L requirements:

Bills of lading or B/L is an essential part of the shipment process and companies need this document during international transactions. You need to clarify your knowledge about the bills of lading to avoid any miscommunication during container booking. 

Selecting the mode of payment:

The mode of payment varies based on the provisions of the shipment companies and you can pick any payment channel according to your terms. For instance, you can pay the amount directly for booking the containers online or use debit or credit cards. Besides wire transfer and net banking are the other methods you need to choose.

Once you complete the above-mentioned steps, you need to confirm the booking but double-checking the facts allow you to avoid mistakes. 

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