Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

More electricity in the bathroom? How to hang this curtain rod? Here you are in a lot of trouble, if only you were a bit of a handyman…  You would really need help with DIY, but how to find it… Don’t panic, we have listed all the existing solutions for you to find help to DIY .

Painting, Plumbing, Electricity, Small DIY, fixing, Coating, upholstery, tiling, etc… No more hassle!

1– Family, friends

First of all, of course, starting by asking your handyman friend, or even your father, is the first instinct of anyone without basic DIY knowledge.

However, this easy solution cannot be applied every time, otherwise it will become really painful for those around you.

So exceptionally why not, for an emergency, if you don’t know what to do when the pellets have blown. For the rest, like repainting the whole apartment or changing the floor covering, you should not abuse the kindness of your close handyman, otherwise you will not have an answer the day you really have an emergency.

2– Professional artisans

Going to a professional therefore remains the security solution, finally in theory.

Skill level, you can’t do better, the craftsman does this every day, electricity, painting, plumbing, like fixing a curtain rod, or assembling a piece of furniture, all these tasks have no more secrets for him.

There is no doubt that the living room wall after being repainted by a professional should have a very clean finish, especially if you were able to choose this craftsman following customer reviews or recommendations.

On the other hand, there are 2 problems with professional DIYers.

First of all the price, indeed, calling on a craftsman is very expensive, and it is by far the most expensive solution, when he does not inflate the prices downright when he notices your lack of knowledge.

And then the availability of the craftsman, very much in demand, especially in large cities like Paris for example, it seems difficult to find someone for a quick intervention and with deadlines respected. You have been warned!

3 – DIY help ads

Here we mean contacting an amateur handyman on a classifieds site like Leboncoin, who will come to help you for a small fee.

You can also find this type of handyman Park Paloma on peer-to-peer collaborative consumption platforms.

The disadvantage of this solution is the lack of supervision of the offer, you make a request as one throws a bottle desperately into the sea, then you receive proposals from people, of which you do not really have the guarantee of the competence, or one that you can fully trust.

Moreover, after a verbal agreement, the person can quite decide not to come to the appointment, leaving you and your RTT.

A solution to be taken with tweezers, not to mention the loss of time looking for the right handyman, with the right tools.

4–  A DIY assistance service on demand

There is an on-demand DIY help service for all these types of situations, and it lives up to its name: Helpy

For all small jobs and repairs in painting, plumbing, coating, upholstery, tiling, electricity, call on a “Handyman” Helper.

Scheduled in advance or at the last moment, you can book DIY assistance in 3 clicks from your smartphone. Once the reservation is made, a certified, trusted and competent Helper arrives. Helpy is a bit like the Uber of DIY!

So in case of need, if you want to make a hole in the wall, or if you need help to redo the joints of the shower, there is Helpy.

By Manali