Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

Choosing the right materials when building your house is of great importance. You wouldn’t want to use the wrong material combination for your interior. On that note, you may want to check out RMS Marble.

Marble is a good choice for your interior; it doesn’t only bring out the beauty and gives your home a class of its own. Here are tips on choosing the right marble for your home. 

How Do I Choose The Right Marble For My Home?

  1. Do Your Research

Before purchasing, consider surveying the types of marble available in your region before stepping into a store. There are several types of marble, but they can be categorized into three; Carrara, breccia, and calacatha. These marbles have varying countertops, beauty, texture, and color. 

Get to know the best for your interior, and while doing that, streamline your purchase to your budget. Some types of marble can be on the high side, like Calacatta. 

  1. Understand Your Cut

Marble comes with different cuts, which are classified into two; crosscut and vein cut. Crosscut designs allow the veins to be randomly visible like a flower pattern. Vein cut hides the vein and comes in a one-dimensional appearance. 

Whatever your choice, communicate to your contractor, the best design that matches your interior decoration. You can always have a customized touch too. 

  1. Know The Exact Surface

Before getting your marble, measure the parameters it covers to get the right quantity. Knowing the exact size and quantity will help reduce cost and waste. You can hire a professional to help out with this if you’re incapable. 

  1. Finishes and Texture

Marbles come in different textures and finishes, the surface can be rough and durable or smooth and fade. The texture depends on where the marble will be placed, smooth marbles are good for walls. 

The finishing can be honed or polished. A polished marble makes the veins visible against the background with a bright look. While a honed marble is smooth and flat, hiding the veins in the background. Honed marbles maintain their aesthetic feel when worn out compared to polished marbles. 

  1. Check For Damages 

Knowing that marbles are perishable and can get damaged while in transit, it is wise to run a quick check. 

Before moving out of the mall, do well to inspect your goods. You wouldn’t want to install broken or cracked marbles. 

Keep an eye on the type of marble supplied, owing to the different designs and colors, and try to identify any fakes. Don’t accept marbles with a faded surface. They wash off with time. Check for matching designs, dimensions, quantity, and quality. To be on the safe side, ensure you patronize an ISO-licensed supplier. 

Final Words 

Marbles give your house the best feel, class, and beauty. If you’re looking to change your interior, these tips will be of great benefit to you. 

You can hire an expert to guide you on your choice in order not to make the best use of your money. Always trust your instinct when making a choice.

By Manali