Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

There weren’t many options for adjustable beds before unless you were looking to install a large, unattractive hospital bed in your bedroom. There are many adjustable beds that can give your body the elevation it requires and look amazing.

You might be able to put an adjustable base in your bed, depending on the way it is set up and how heavy it can hold. There are many options for those who desire an adjustable bed. Let’s take some time to look at them.

Setting Up A Bed That Can Be Changed

All adjustable beds, whether you place them in a frame or raise them on their own, have two parts: the joints as well as the sleeping surface. Because of the joints, the bed can move up and down.

Your top rated mattresses on an adjustable bed are placed on the platform that is called your sleeping surface. You can have the sleeping surface slatted like a platform bed or one piece. Some may have fabric seats.

Adjustable Bed Bases

These bases are the perfect size to fit in your mattress’s bed frame. Adjustable bases are the same size and shape as standard mattresses. They can be used with any standard mattress frame. However, adjustable bases will need to be slightly wider in order to accommodate box springs or mattress foundations.

To make space for the adjustable bed base legs, you will only need to remove any horizontal support rails or slats from your bed frame.

Some bases are unable to be lifted or don’t have legs. The adjustable base can be placed directly on the support rails of your bed frame. Be sure to not exceed the weight limit of your bed frame.

Bed Frame That Can Be Moved

If you don’t want a frame, there are many adjustable bed frames that can be used on their own. These frames can be four- or six-legged and can include headboards, footboards, and side rails.

Split Adjustable Basis

If you and your partner wish to adjust the settings of your bed individually, a split adjustable bed is what they need. The standard split bed is the split king. Split kings are made by placing two twin XL mattresses on top of each other in a single bed frame. You will need two separate twin-XL adjustable bases to make a split-king bed.

How To Sleep Without A Bed Frame

You can make your adjustable bed look like the best adjustable bed frame without needing to purchase one. A headboard can be attached to your adjustable bed. To make the headboard appear attached, you can also mount a headboard on the wall or freestanding.

The look of an adjustable bed frame can be finished off with the addition of a bed skirt to the legs of the frame. Bed skirts were traditionally utilized as a means of collecting dust and maintaining a cleaner environment around the bed. The moving pieces of an adjustable bed can be concealed beneath a bed skirt if one so chooses.

By Manali