Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

Do you wish you could conveniently order recreational marijuana online and receive it at your doorstep within no time? Eaze is a revolutionary cannabis delivery that has made weed delivery in San Jose Ca easier than ever. All users in California and Michigan can now order weed on demand using Eaze’s Android and Apple apps. You will be able to purchase safe and legal products and enjoy a convenient delivery experience.

If you aren’t sure how to use Eaze, this article will come in handy to explain the varying legal requirements, payment and delivery options. Read on to learn more about how you can complete all your delivery aspects, including registering, proof of age, ID verification, selecting products and receiving them at your doorstep. Join over two million users enjoying legal on-demand delivery, easy payment and order tracking. 

Creating an Eaze Account

The first step to placing your online order is creating an account on Eaze’s website or mobile apps. As it says on their website, you have to be old enough to buy a shot before you can order some pot. You have to prove that you are older than 21 to access the wide variety of curated recreational brands on Eaze. 

Users upload their valid US photo ID or passport as proof of age. If you reside in Santa Clara County, you must scan your ID each time you receive a delivery. Users whose orders are serviced by San Jose dispensaries can present a state-issued ID card or their driving license and cannot use passports to prove age. Passports are also not currently acceptable for Santa-Clara deliveries.

Completing Your Profile

After establishing your account, you will be free to log on to the platform and complete your user profile by adding the information listed below. Users must specify their preferred modes of payment, including cash, credit, debit and most online payment methods. You will also need a phone that can receive SMS notifications to track your order from the dispensary to your doorstep. Eaze does not accept third-party payment methods like CashApp, Venmo, Bitcoin, Square, Zelle, Paypal, and FacebookCash. 

Providing a Delivery Address

Next, you will provide your delivery address by selecting from a drop-down menu featuring all the locations the company serves. Currently, only users in California and Michigan can enjoy these services. After selecting your address, the menu will refresh to showcase products available in your location. You are now ready to start shopping. Every time you change your delivery address, the product catalog will refresh, and your cart will be cleared. 

Marijuana users outside California and Michigan who want to enjoy premium delivery services without moving to these states should speak to their local congressman and state senators.  

Shopping and Ordering 

Eaze recommends using google chrome to access its website because it is the most compatible. Users enjoy scrolling endlessly over a wide range of products until they find the one that meets their needs. Once you identify a product you would like to purchase, selecting it will reveal more product information and clicking on the + icon will add it to your cart. Users can review their selections to add any promo codes before placing their orders.

When checking out, you will be allowed to review your order again to remove items, alter your mode of payment and add particular delivery instructions. Users who choose to pay using ACH will have to go back and reapply for the promo code before completing their order. The system automatically saves your ACH account information, so you experience a faster checkout for all subsequent purchases.  After confirmation, you will be returned to the checkout screen, where you may place your next order.

After Placing Your Order

After a user’s order is active, they will be redirected to an ETA screen that displays the status of your order, its estimated arrival time, and a reminder to have your ID during delivery. Once your order is close to your destination, the ETA screen will display arriving soon. When the order arrives, you will receive a call or SMS indicating that the delivery driver is at your location. 

When you meet the driver, you will need to show them your ID. The driver will scan the ID in some locations before allowing you to sign and receive your products. Your ETA page will update to show your sales invoice and request you to rate the delivery and provide any relevant feedback. After providing feedback, you will be redirected to the Eaze referral program that shows a reminder offering store for inviting family and friends.

Conclusively, the Eaze platform is an online cannabis dispensary that strives to make the shopping and delivery experience as straightforward and discreet as possible. New users can create accounts in under three minutes, after which they can shop for their favorite products and have them delivered to their doorstep in record time. The company only serves locations in California and Michigan but is rapidly expanding its geographical footprint.

By Manali