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For most people, riding an ebike is similar to riding a regular bike. The only difference is that you’re riding an electric one, and you have a boost to help you get up hills and over long distances. E-bikes are a great alternative to cars, and they can help you get around in a much more fun way. But the battery plays a big part in the overall ride. You need to know how long do ebike batteries last for you to get the most use out.

If you’re considering getting an ebike, you will want to make sure it has a long battery life. After all, ebike don’t have a combustion engine to recharge their batteries, so they rely on a Li-ion battery. So, (how long do ebike batteries last?) matters a lot.

How long do ebike batteries last

It depends on many factors that how long it lasts. 

  • It depends on the brand of the battery. Quality of its manufacturing material.
  • It depends on the type of use.
  • Also depends on the mode of riding.
  • Depends on how you maintain it. 

A good quality battery usually has a life span of 2 to 5 years mostly. But again it depends on the use of the battery that how long it lasts.

How long do ebike batteries last per charge?

There are different types of batteries that have different discharge times. It’s annoying for some people to charge it again and gain an advantage. If you also don’t want to charge your battery after each use, you should move toward the 52V magicycle battery. It is long-lasting and easily covers a distance of 90–110 km with charging once. The strong battery of its electric mountain bikes covers more than 120 km per charge.

Factors affecting the life of ebike batteries

Many factors affect the life of ebike batteries. Some are discussed here

Brand of the battery

How long a fat tire electric bikes battery lasts a lot depends upon which brand you bought it. Different brands use different manufacturing materials in manufacturing batteries. Li-ion batteries are more long-lasting than others. Magicycle provides its customers with long-lasting batteries with 2 years of warranty. You can charge your battery thousands of times before feeling the need to replace it. 


Charging the battery before dropping it too much down also affects the health of the battery. Every time you plug it battery in for charging, a new cycle of the battery starts. Therefore you consume more cycles of the battery if you charge it before dropping it to 30% or 40%. 

If you are not using a good charger to charge your battery it also affects its life. Low-quality chargers will heat your battery and it affects the material inside it.


Temperature also affects the performance of the battery. It works best in moderate temperatures, but if the temperature is too high or too low its output performance minimizes.

How to increase the life of ebike battery

You can enjoy your ebike battery longer if you keep check and balance on it. Here you can know more about how to maintain your battery health.

  • Clean battery regularly
  • Don’t charge it until it drops to 30%.
  • Don’t overcharge it. Not more than 90%. But if you have a long trip the next day only then charge it to 100%.
  • Use well-known company chargers like magicycle. Magicycle chargers have a built-in cooling system that protects the battery from heating while charging. 

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By Manali