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Dog bites can be highly traumatizing, but Orange County Dog Bite Lawyer can help you get proper compensation when you are bitten by one. It may leave physical scars, paralysis, and emotionally traumatic wounds that are difficult to recover from on the victims involved. Sometimes, receiving medical attention to recover from your physical and mental wounds requires a lot of money beyond your financial capacity. You should consider suing the dog owner under such circumstances.

 In case the incident occurred a long time ago and you are not sure if you can still file a lawsuit, this post explains how long you have to file a dog bite lawsuit. 

How Soon Must A Dog Bite Lawsuit Be Filed? 

A dog bite lawsuit must be filed within the specified period in every state. The time you have to file a report is determined by a statute of limitations. These can be anywhere from one to six years.

 However, the majority of states have a statute of limitations of two to three years. The limitation period may occasionally pause. For instance, the statute of limitations might be suspended until the dog owner returns if they leave the state. In some states, the statute of limitations is two years after the incident.

Steps to take after a dog bite incident

Get immediate medical attention

 You require medical care right away if you’ve lost a lot of blood, had a body part severed, or have lost feeling in any body part. You should seek medical attention and receive a rabies vaccination if you don’t know the dog’s vaccination history. Also, you should call for help if the dog continues to behave aggressively. 

The medical care you can receive on the way to the hospital may have a significant impact on how your dog bite treatment turns out.

Additionally, you will receive a medical record statement detailing the dog bite’s effect, appearance, severity, etc. 

If you do finally choose to pursue a lawsuit, you’ll need this.

Is It Necessary To Report All Dog Bites?

Reporting all dog bites is necessary. Calling the police as soon as a dog bites you is the best step to take during such scenarios. It makes no difference whether you intend to pursue the lawsuit or not. It enables you to initially receive the medical care you require. Reporting dog bites to the authorities is a mandatory process.

What’s the Importance of Reporting Dog Bites?

Reporting dog bites is also very important. The medical report will provide you with more information about the incident than your own story. Then, if you decide to file a lawsuit, you can bring this report with you to court. All dog bites should be reported for public safety reasons. 

Dogs with rabies or other infections need to be isolated and treated properly. The municipal court may take additional measures to prevent the dog from attacking anyone else if it poses a risk to people. Although you may technically have years to report a dog bite, you should do so straight away to make sure you receive the necessary medical care.

By Manali