Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

A closet organizer is essential for keeping your space tidy and organized, maximizing storage space, and boosting home value. For instance, installing an organizer can cut the considerable time you spend tidying your clothes. Though your storage space may not seem big enough, adding certain features and elements can maximize storage capacity and enhance the design, but it comes at a particular closet franchise cost. Installing closet organizers can vary significantly in cost, ranging from budget-friendly options ( DIYs included) to high-end units with lots of extras and lighting that demand professional installation. The average cost for installing an organizer ranges between 1 250 $ and 3 000 $. As the rule of thumb goes, the more elaborate the solution you intend to use, the more you’re bound to spend. And based on the material you prefer and the project’s overall scope, the final cost will vary. While you can spend 415 $ on a prefabricated wire system, a luxurious custom unit with plenty of add-ons, quality wood, and multiple storage factors can skyrocket installation costs to 8 400 $. To effectively estimate the installation costs for a closet organizer, consider the following elements:

The System Type 

After picking the perfect material for your next closet organizer, it’s essential to draft the system type you want. The primary system types are custom, electric, and prefab. The average price range is 300$ to 700$. Remember that the type of system you choose is bound to influence the overall cost greatly, including factors like customized and automated features. 

Custom Systems

 Custom-made organizers are designed for pre-supposed styles, space, and capacity. That’s why they tend to be more expensive than prefabricated options. They are relatively expensive and take longer to install. Costs range from 650$ to 3500$, depending on add-on features. For instance, choosing a luxurious wood system flowered with customized elements and accessories can cost as high as 6500$. 

Prefab Systems

 Their price range is 250$ and 750$. Unlike custom-made, prefabs are pre-made organization pieces. Additionally, they are relatively affordable. Besides being comparably easier to install (the DIY approach can apply), you can readily find them at your local stores. However, prefab systems come from cheaper elements and lower-quality materials. These are relatively non-durables and non-customizable for your interior design needs. 

Electric Systems

 The cost range can fall as low as 870$ for a prefabricated wardrobe lift but boost to 7960$ for custom designs. Electric systems are automated. Their operation system makes use of smart devices or remote controls. With special help from their looped hanging rods, you can shuffle your closet belongings and quickly scan through items with a button click rather than digging through clothing and possibly wrinkling them. 

Material Type

The closet material you choose greatly impacts the final cost, whether the organizer is custom-made or prefabricated. Overall, the price range sits between 280$ and 750$ for a prefab system and 470$ to 800$ for a custom unit. The type of material determines closet durability and sturdiness. In addition, you can select some specifically for luxury and elegance. However, most homeowners prefer the laminated design because it’s both pockets friendly and durable. Your installer will also specify which material to apply in a custom unit or the prefabricated option.

Metal Closets

They fall among the most durable materials, ranging 250$ to 480$. They will hardly warp, corrode, or sustain any visible damage relative to other materials. You can opt for both prefabricated and customizable metal closets. However, on the downside, they may not be as elegant or appealing or as sturdy as they seem. 

Plastic Organizers

 Plastic organizers are among the least expensive to install systems. They are lightweight and pretty easy to install. They can decide to incorporate yours with separate elements or readily access premade ones from a local store. You can opt for a one-set plastic drawer with a cabinet, a few inserts, and a couple of shelves for around 280$. Incorporating additional features like plastic bins, hangers, tie racks, and plastic can further boost the price to 550$. 

On the other hand, you can still customize your plastic unit for around 600$ to 1550$. Although you may find their lightweight and relatively affordable features more appealing, you are bound to register quick wear and tear or deal with their delicate nature. 

Wooden Organizers

 Typically built from solid-wood edging strips and finish-grade plywood panels for exposed edges, wooden organizers are relatively easier to manipulate, more stable, durable, and lightweight. The organizers come in prefabricated or custom designs.

The cost for prefabricated options ranges from 400$ to 850$ while custom units cost between 900$ and 7400$. However, wood chips are easy and are susceptible to warping with time. Therefore, you need regular maintenance to retain their original shape.

By Manali