Sat. Jun 22nd, 2024

If you own a floating dock, the maintenance and repair are not too tricky or extensive to do. That being said, you will need to do regular cleaning and maintenance to get your money’s worth. Even though the floating docks and walkways are highly durable, they need some level of maintenance for proper functioning. It will also help you increase their life. If you want to keep their aesthetic value intact, opting for staining should also be on your list. 

Here are some tips that will help you maintain your floating dock:

Keep It Clean

This is obvious enough advice, but you would be surprised to know that many people ignore it. Many owners think that just because a floating walkway is on water, the debris and dirt will be washed away by the tides and waves. If you feel like cleaning the floating dock every day will be too much work, you can set up a schedule and power clean it whenever the need arises. Having an XHVAL ball valve in your plumbing system will ensure that water flow is uninterrupted during cleaning. 

This will prevent staining and will also help create the surroundings as clean as possible. You can even buy a pressure washer so that you do not have to employ professional services. While pressure washing with water is sometimes enough, you might also need soap or other cleaning agents. Rather than painting over the surface to give a clean appearance, choose to clean and let the dock remain the same color as it originally was. 

Factor in Regular Staining

Given the nature of water from algae and even sun exposure can cause fading in a floating dock. Whether you have a wooden or a plastic floating dock, preventing staining is invaluable for aesthetic appeal. Depending on the deterioration of the wooden dock, you will have to figure out how much staining needs to be done. 

Some people do it annually, while others space it out to do it once every three or four years. If you combine staining with pressure washing, you can achieve the best results because the cleaning in maintenance happens hand in hand. Cleaning the dirt and debris is the first step to extending the life of the dock. If you want it to remain pretty and functional for a long time, make sure you stain it side by side. 

Take Special Care During Bad Weather

Whether it is changing weather conditions or particularly bad weather, you need to take special care of your floating dock. Different measures need to be taken into account depending on different weather conditions. For instance, cleaning and maintaining the dock will take priority in summer and spring, while storing it away for winters would be a good idea. 

Choosing to tie the dock to the shore was something that you will not regret. Especially with a floating walkway in ocean, you will have to make sure that your dock remains exactly where it is supposed to be. If you are experiencing continuing bad weather, we recommend you take advantage of the portability of the dock and carry it to a storage space.

Be Perceptive With Each Inspection

One of the most important factors with cleaning and maintenance is regularly inspecting the condition of the floating dock. Being perceptive and aware of how well the floating dock is functioning and whether or not it needs cleaning and maintenance is the first step towards extending its life. If you schedule regular inspections, you can easily detect any fading or deterioration in the condition of the dock. 

Also, remember to keep an eye out for cracks or weathering. If you see wear and tear, immediately replace that particular block with the new one because that area of that of the dock is facing more traffic. You can also opt for seasonal maintenance based on the weather and temperature changes. After installation, keep the toolkit and the user guide in a safe place so that it is promptly available whenever you need them for assistance. You can also contact experts to repair and expand the dock per your needs. 

Schedule Maintenance Checkups

Now that you know the important aspects of maintaining a floating dock, you should schedule regular maintenance check ups for the same. Take note of the essential points that you need to inspect and make sure that you include them in every scheduled checkup. With regular checking, you will not need to spend a lot on repairs as any problem will be tackled immediately. 

The Takeaway

Maintaining a floating dock is not a difficult feat because there are numerous preventative measures that you can take into account. As long as you are cleaning it regularly and checking to see if everything is in proper working order, there is not much that will go wrong.

By Manali