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In MLA style, block quotes are often used for citing PDF documents. When using this style, you should analyze the source information, language, and purpose of the quote. The following steps will help you block quote properly in your document. Here are some tips to get you started. If you are using this style, read this How to Block Quote Guide for Students before you use it. We hope you find it helpful! It will save you a lot of time!

APA style

When citing a source, APA style requires that you use a block quote. In a block quote, you should indent the quotation by a half-inch, and begin each new paragraph with a period. The quote should then be double-spaced. It should also be indented a half-inch for the introduction and end of the quote, which should be followed by a period and the parenthetical citation.
Depending on the type of block quote you use, you can include direct quotes as long as you do so in parentheses. If the block quote is a quoting quotation, make sure to put double quotations around it. For example, if a source states that the quotation is a direct quote, you need to include a quotation around it. If a block quote contains a quotation, there should be no quotations surrounding it. In the APA style block quote guide for students, the three elements at the end of the quotation are enclose in parentheses.

Chicago manual of style

Many students struggle with citing their sources in a proper manner, and the Chicago manual of style is one of the most common formats for these types of papers. The Chicago manual requires you to double-space your text, leave a one-inch margin around the entire paper, and use 12-point Times New Roman font. To make the formatting even easier, you can open the TAB key to automatically indent a new paragraph seven spaces.
To format a block quotation in a paper, you must use a signal phrase before introducing the quote. Chicago doesn’t specify the exact number of words, but it does state that a block quote should be at least 100 words. Indenting a quote over 40 words will improve readability. If you’re unsure of how to quote a passage, you can refer to a Chicago manual of style block quote guide for students to learn more about this style.

MLA style

In citing an article in the MLA style, block quotations are used to explain a quote from another work. It is recommended to include more than four lines of the quoted material. The text following the block quotation should be indented half an inch. MLA style block quotes should be double spaced and indented half an inch from the left margin. The author’s name and page number must accompany the quote. The reference must be a work in the Works Cited list.
The most common examples of block quotations include poetry, prose, and plays. When citing these types of texts, students should analyze the quoted text to determine its purpose within a larger argument. When citing poetry or plays, students should use block quotes of more than four lines. If using a poem, use a block quote that is longer than two lines or four lines in MLA style. A short quotation can be used for close reading, while longer quotes can be used to explain a stanza or section of a longer poem.

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