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You probably know someone who would rather get lost than ask for directions. So do I. Or maybe, you’re such a person. If that’s the case, then this article is perfect for you. Perhaps, you’ve been browsing the web for a reputable plumber glebe residents count on and have narrowed your options.

Let’s say you’ve opted to hire Bayside Plumbing – a trusted service provider in Glebe. But you’ve hit a snag – you don’t know how to get to their office for a planned meeting. If that’s the case, there’s no cause for alarm.

Getting to Bayside Plumbing in Glebe from almost anywhere in Sydney is easy, thanks to the city’s comprehensive public transport system. Let me help you get to Bayside Plumbing at 65 Tweedmouth Ave, Rosebery NSW 2018, without much fuss. I’ve put together a guide on how to get there using different modes of public transport. Here are the options available to you, including how to use them to get to your destination:

By Bus

The bus you choose will depend on the length of your journey and the line closest to your location. From the Central Business District (CBD), you can take the M30 bus. The trip will take approximately 20 minutes. If you’re coming from other areas, you can use any of the following bus lines:

  • 304
  • 306
  • 308
  • 343
  • 111
  • 737

If you’re departing from Goodlet Lane, Surry Hills, your itinerary might include a short five-minute walk to Elizabeth St before Cleveland St. From here, you’ll wait for the 308 bus line. Also, note that these buses run on a particular schedule, so it might help to check the timetable before setting out.

After boarding, you’ll travel to Redfern Station, Regent St, Stand C, alight, and wait for the 306 bus line. Then, you’ll board and head to Dalmeny Ave after Harcourt Pde, where you can alight. Bayside Plumbing should be roughly 190 meters or a 3-minute walk from this point.

Note that the buses have several stops along the way. As such, planning your trip and noting the stops might help. Doing so will help you better gauge how long the journey will take for easier planning. And as you’ve noted, you may need to board multiple buses to get to your destination, depending on your departure point.

By Train

If you’re planning to board a train, note that several lines serve the Sydney area. The train lines use an alpha-numeric system for easy identification of the routes they serve. For your trip, the following lines will come in handy:

  • T2: Inner West & Leppington Line
  • T3: Bankstown Line

The Central train station caters to all lines. Thus, you can take any of the following routes:

  • T2: Get off at Redfern station, then board the 306 bus line
  • T3: Alight at Erskineville station and board the 705 bus line. After alighting at Erskineville Rd. Before Wattle St, you can walk for about 10 minutes to get to Bayside Plumbing.

By Light Rail

The light rail services are a bit limited in Sydney. Nevertheless, the L1 Dulwich Hill line – in the direction of Star City Casino – might be instrumental for your trip.

You’ll need to board the light rail at the Central station and alight at the Wentworth Park stop. From here, you can catch the 343 bus line and disembark after Flinders St before Wattle St. The plumbing firm should be about a 5-minute walk away, while the journey will take approximately 25 minutes.

By Metro

The metro system is still under construction, and the operational section only runs from Tallawong station to Chatswood. Nevertheless, the Tallawong station is only a few minutes drive from Bayside Plumbing, so you could always hail a cab or use a rideshare service such as Uber. If you plan to use the metro and live or work along the metro line, board at any of the interchanges and alight at the Tallawong station.

If your departure point is further away from Bayside Plumbing, you’ll have to use multiple transport options to make the trip. As such, you’ll need combinations of the modes of transport discussed above to get to your destination. You could, for instance, use the train to Redfern station, then board the bus line to get to Bayside Plumbing.

The best way to plan your trip is by using Google Maps. The app provides accurate and up-to-date information on the best routes to take, estimated fares, and journey times. You can also use a journey planner app like Moovit to track the timetables for the various modes of transport. The application can also alert you when a bus arrives at your stop or in case of traffic delays.

Getting to Bayside Plumbing is easy if you know the mode of transport to use or the connection to make, including where to alight. Once familiar with the route, you can make the trip without much hassle. But the idea is to use the most convenient transport option depending on your location.

By Manali