Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

As an aspiring DevOps Engineer or expert, you must have a good knowledge of what companies or organisations demand from you in terms of both technical as well as non-technical skills. You need to learn and understand right from the basics and once your basics are clear and strong, you can do excellent.

Assuming that you are learning DevOps to construct your career around it, one of the crucial things to know first is what is DevOps, why is it so important and what issues can it solve in Technology or business domain. 

Join up training 

If you feel you would learn DevOps from here and there, that is okay. But it would not fetch you proper grasp over the basics. To learn well and step-by-step you must join up DevOps Training. Once you enrol yourself in training for DevOps, you can learn properly and strategically. So, look for training and get started.

Understand what DevOps is

If you feel that everyone is going towards DevOps and that’s why you want it that is okay.  But you need to understand it fully. Try to grasp the idea of it, its principles and its overall values and how it helps everyone in software development. Once you know how does it all work and contribute, you can learn better. Otherwise, if you are simply stuffing your mind with information related to DevOps without knowing its purpose and work; you might fail to grasp it well. Of course, once you understand it, you can take up DevOps Engineer Certification too so as to become advanced at it.

Work on your coding 

You need to ensure that you have a good and effective coding base. It is because you will be required to write scripts for automation as well as configuration purposes. You need to learn Shell Scripting, Power shell, Python, and more. it would demand your dedication but once coding is on your side, the basics of DevOps will get clearer to you. 

Know the fundamentals of the following things:

  • Operating Systems (how they actually work and how to manage them) Linux as well as Windows
  • Understand the Database technology
  • Know about proper networking
  • Servers and how you can handle them

Once you have strengthened your fundamentals for the above areas Learn the most commonly used tools in DevOps. After all, it is not just about DevOps but also about the tools you use in it and more.

Moreover, you know, ideally, to take up learning DevOps, you require being from a technical background and owning a proper understanding of Linux fundamentals, Web Development fundamentals, and even Java fundamentals. It is going to be quite harder for you to learn the basics of DevOps if you belong to a non-technical background.

Conclusion So, since you just walked through the points to get a good hold over DevOps basics, make sure you do the needful. Of course, this Technology Transform Education System and can get you a lucrative career in future.

By Manali