Sat. May 18th, 2024

Luxury is not an end state; rather, it’s a concept that evolves every day. Identifying why your favorite hotel is deemed luxurious will help you better understand the concept of luxury. Most likely, the hotel tweaks, remodel, and readjusts its setup as new design ideas emerge. You can also apply this method in your home to give your living spaces an updated charm. 

What’s better is that not all the efforts must be capital intensive or huge projects. That said, if you’re unsure where to start, here are five ways to make your home look expensive. 

  1.  Give Kitchen Cabinets A Modern Look

To make your home look expensive, starting with the kitchen  (which is a mainstay for guests) can be a great starting point. When it comes to the kitchen, focus on the cabinet surfaces rather than installing new cabinets. For the countertops, try to use these quartz slabs for a modern and minimalistic look. 

Choose options that aren’t easy to damage if a sharp object accidentally hits them. The objective is to keep your surfaces shining and intact at all times without scratches or breaks. 

  1. Invest In Layered Lighting 

The impact good lighting brings to a space can’t be understated. An effective lighting system adds depth to your interior spaces. Experts say the type of lights you use can make smaller spaces appear a little bigger for residents. However, lights can be capital intensive if you want a total overhaul of your lighting accessories. 

One inexpensive option is to place scented candles in open spaces or use table lamps or hanging pendant lights. You can also opt for lights with adjustable brightness switches of your budget allows. Whatever your choice, keep in mind that luxury comes with enough control over spaces, and adjustable lights afford you the flexibility to keep your indoor spaces warm and cozy as and when the mood demands. 

  1. Change The Exterior Of Your Sofas

Furniture fabrics and paint jobs are usually quite inexpensive. Apart from the materials, the main costs to worry about are workmanship or consultancy. Various fabric and furniture paint options exist today. You can go for options that reflect your room’s existing color palette or change the upholstery fabric to match your new paint ideas. These techniques give your living space a theme that runs through your entire home, making it hard for guests to ignore the aesthetic impact. 

  1. Bring In Hand To Floor Drapes.

Drapes and curtains are luxurious accessories you can leverage for an inexpensive home makeover. It’s tempting to think that luxury drapes and curtain upgrades should always accompany expensive custom-made curtains. Adjusting your curtain flow to a new style or changing colors to suit a new paint job can suffice.

Also, remember that modern spaces have drapes hanging from the ceiling to the floor, elevating the visual height of indoor space and piquing visitors’ interests. Do well to make room for natural lighting when installing your curtains. 

  1. Repaint Walls

A fresh lick of paint can always do magic on a budget, and it never goes out of vogue. You could resort to neutral tones if your previous walls had plain bright colors with not. Experts recommend owners factor in purpose, not just aesthetic pleasure, when choosing paint colors for their walls. For instance, some paint colors can give your home a therapeutic look. Others can control your mood. So, it pays to marry aesthetics and purpose while you make your final wall paint selection.

All in all, there’s more than enough proof that you can achieve a luxurious look on a budget. Most of these tips are also DIY-led, affording you enough room to be creative.

By Manali