Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

In the first five months of 2022, 27 school shootings were reported in America. Such incidents usually result in deaths and injuries of our young ones. As such, it’s time for America to face the harsh reality that school shootings will not stop until we take drastic measures.

We need to find a solution – fast. To do so, we have to talk about solutions that may be unpopular but could save lives. Meanwhile, for gun reviews, go here to get insights into some of our merchandise. That aside, here are potential ways to stem the tide and hopefully end the cycle of gun violence in our schools.

1. Reducing Access to Guns

This is the most obvious solution but also the most difficult to achieve. Reducing access to guns would mean stricter gun laws and regulations, which many people would oppose. However, if we want to reduce the number of school shootings, this is a necessary step. It’s common knowledge that restrictive gun laws reduce gun-related violence and homicides.

Thus, by making it more difficult for people to obtain firearms, we can reduce the number of school shootings. Some reasonable restrictions may include:

  • Making it illegal to purchase assault weapons.
  • Implementing mandatory background checks and waiting periods for all gun purchases.
  • Increasing the legal age to buy a gun.
  • Preventing individuals perceived at greater risk of engaging in gun violence from accessing them.

2. Increasing Security in Schools

Making schools more secure may involve using metal detectors, security guards, and increasing surveillance. These would make it more difficult for potential shooters to gain access to the school and can prevent shootings from happening.

And while we’re still on the subject, how about arming our teachers and administrators? Honestly, the idea of arming teachers has been met with mixed reactions, but it’s something we should at least consider.

If a teacher were armed, they would be able to defend their students in the event of a school shooting. But there is always the potential for accidents or misuse of the weapon, but if done correctly, arming teachers could be a way to increase security in schools.

3. Providing More Support for Mental Health

A lot of school shooters have been shown to have mental health problems. If we want to try and prevent shootings from happening, we need to provide more support for mental health. In so doing, we can identify potential shooters before they act and prevent tragedies from happening. Support may include aspects such as:

  • Better access to mental health care.
  • More support in schools, including guidance counselors and psychologists, among others.
  • Increased awareness about mental health and how to get help.

Similarly, mental screening for gun ownership could help identify people who should not have access to firearms. That way, we can prevent guns from getting into the hands of people who are more likely to misuse them.

4. Adopting Evidence-based Strategies to Curb Violence

There is a lot of research on gun violence and how to prevent it. We must implement recommendations from such studies and adopt evidence-based strategies to reduce gun violence. Some examples of such approaches include:

  • Buyback programs for guns
  • Firearm safety training
  • Safe storage of firearms
  • Violence prevention programs

For instance, studies show a close correlation between violent behavior and environmental or personal factors. These include increased exposure to gun violence, impulsiveness, and victimization.

Implementing programs geared toward educating students to think critically about how to act when provoked can reduce aggressive behavior patterns. By helping them cope better and manage their anger, even aggressive students can benefit from such programs.

Treatment for violent students, for instance, may include teaching them constructive behavior and anger management techniques and involving their parents in the process. Once they forge better relationships with others, such students can turn over a new leaf, making them less likely to consider taking up arms.

Clearly, we need to do something to reduce the number of school shootings in our country. It’s time to discuss gun violence seriously and what we can do to prevent it.

Implementing some of these solutions may not be easy, but if it saves even one life, it’s worth it. School shootings are a national tragedy, and the onus is upon us to come together and find a way to stop them. We can’t afford to rest on our laurels and expect things to change. And until we seriously discuss gun violence and take action, the status quo will remain.

By Manali