Thu. May 30th, 2024

IG Markets is a UK-based company that was established in 1974. The brokerage firm has expanded its geos since the moment of its inception. IG Markets currently provides services worldwide (with some exceptions), including in Australia. Our experts have done great work one putting together the most important data about this Forex broker to provide the readers with insight into the company’s activities.

IG Markets: General Trading Conditions

The brokerage firm allows traders to buy and sell various types of assets, including Forex currency pairs, CFDs on stocks, indices, commodities, cryptocurrencies. There are also futures contracts, allowing you to benefit from the derivatives.

Spreads are tiny and start from 0.6 pips. As for the average spread on the most popular currency pairs, it starts from 1.3 pip. To trade shares, you need to pay a fixed $50 commission, which is called a “Subscription Fee”. This commission is relevant for non-active traders only. Those who trade stocks more frequently are not charged any tariff for their activities.

Trading Platforms

The brokerage firm offers a top-notch proprietary platform that you can start with after creating an account there. Apart from standard features like charting, trading indicators, graphic tools, you can also benefit from a built-in signal platform. The platform also includes a News and analysis section, allowing you to conduct a deep fundamental analysis of a particular asset.

One of the benefits of using IG Markets’ proprietary platform is that you don’t need to download or install it. The platform is available in your browser and comes with many useful all-in-box features.

Apart from this top-notch trading platform, you can also enjoy Metatrader 4, which is one of the most popular trading platforms in the field. It offers tools for deep technical analysis, various graphic analysis features, strategy tester, plenty of built-in technical indicators, etc. The platform comes in various versions allowing you to trade from your browser or using any type of mobile device.

Learn to Trade

IG Markets Australia allows you to improve your trading skills or simply start your trading career by obtaining theoretical knowledge. The IG Academy section allows you to familiarize yourself with financial markets, as well as to learn more about price forecasting. Both new and skilled traders can learn more about money and risk management. This information will help you to improve your trading results by carefully budgeting your trading positions.

What is even more important, experts from IG Markets will provide you with insight into trading strategies. Seasoned market experts are ready to give you a piece of advice on how to improve your current trading tactics and get the most of it in each market situation.

Aside from the education section, you can also benefit from the latest market news and research. Here you can find various news releases that will help you to find out market tendencies and interesting trading ideas.

Is it a Legit Brokerage Firm?

IG Market is a UK Forex broker, providing services worldwide. Australian traders can legally use IG Market’s services as the company is regulated by a local ASIC watchdog.

Our Experts’ Verdict

IG Markets is a trustworthy brokerage firm, providing its clients with various financial markets services, including trading, analytics, as well as education. The company welcomes all types of traders, even those who have never had previous trading experience.

The brokerage firm offers fair and transparent trading conditions. You can buy and sell various assets with tiny spreads (from 0.6 pip), which is a good opportunity to use various high-frequency strategies. With all its advantages, IG Markets remains one of the leading Forex brokerage firms. 

By Manali