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The Ford Ranger is the world’s remarkable & compact pickup truck with a robust engine and the most standard features. It has a high-reliability score and is the most popular for its easy & fantastic riding.

In 1983, the American manufacturer first produced the ford ranger, and it has been the best & hits pickup truck globally since the 2011 with T6 platform. It has excellent fuel economy and is also eco-friendly.

However, you may hesitate about whether the Ford Ranger 2022 is a good truck or not. So, today’s writing is about ‘Is Ford Ranger a Good Truck.’ Let’s have a close look.

Ford Ranger: Specifications that you need to know

You will find a turbocharged 2.3L four-cylinder engine with a Ford Ranger that produces 270bhp power and 310 Nm of torque. It has a 2,198cc diesel engine displacement and direct injection fuel supply system with ten-speed automatic transmission.

Two and five seating capacity of the Ford Ranger has an 80L fuel tank. The top speed of the Ranger is 110mph and has a mileage of 21mpg for the city, 26mpg for highway & 23mpg for combined. It has an adjustable steering column and an electric-type steering type.

The Ford Ranger has 5,362mm length, 1821mm height, 1860mm width, and 3,220mm wheelbase dimensions. Gross weight is 3200kg with 237mm ground clearance.

Ford Ranger: Is a Good Truck?

If you need a small but spacious & comfortable truck, then you can choose the Ford Ranger. It is family-oriented because of its significant Super Crew configuration. Its turbocharged engine gives the truck fast acceleration and delivers hauling towing capability.

However, here I will present to you the critical & unique features & facts of the Ford Ranger that assist you in determining if it is a good truck or not. Let’s find out what the facts are?

Engine Performance

You will get strong engine performance from a Ford Ranger with a turbocharged 2.3L four-cylinder engine that fires 270bhp of power and 310 Nm of torque. The machine works smoothly and provides numerous of its torque at lower rpm. It boosts the Ranger scoot off the line and gives high speed with confidence even in hauling & towing.

From zero to 60mph, the engine of the Ford Ranger receives almost seven seconds. It also has a well & sleek transmission system that prompts the Ranger upgrades.

Fuel Efficiency

The Ford Ranger has excellent fuel efficiency, offering you to go per 100km with 8.9L. Its combined gas mileage is 23mpg, 21mpg for the city, and 26mpg for the highway, which is impressive and quite good for a pickup truck.

You will get a low fuel warning light with a Ford Ranger that alerts you when the percentage of fuel is scarce. So, it has a good fuel economy also.

Riding Quality

With its zesty handling, the Ford Ranger will give you a better driving experience. You will find a proper balance between them. It is perfect & easy to ride on City Street, highway or expressway, or even off-road. It has potent & decent weight steering that assists you in managing corners and parking in harsh areas.

You will get 110mph top speed from a Ranger that ensures to touch the destination within a short time. Overall, the riding & handling quality of the Ford Ranger is so impressive.

Decent Exterior

In a Ford Ranger, you will get a charming appearance with a modest look. It has a power-adjustable exterior rear view mirror and fog lights front that ensures maximum visibility. It has a centrally mounted fuel tank and side stepper also.

And the Ranger has adjustable headlights and fog lights rear, which is crucial for a clear view. It also has an integrated antenna and alloy wheels that come uniquely.

Spacious Interior

You will get a spacious cabin from a Ford Ranger that is overwhelmingly decorative with tight and cheap-looking plastics. It has adjustable seats for comfortable driving & seating and has enough leg space. It has a digital odometer, digital clock, multi-trip meter, and tachometer that help to safe & easy drive.

The Ford Ranger’s interior design comes with many comfort & convenience features like an air conditioner that can set the internal temperature, bottle & cup holders, trunk light front, heater, onboard computer, and so on. 

Superb Stability

The Ford Ranger has strong stability power that maintains around the corner and slips situations. It has hill hold assistance & off-road driving capability. You can naturally climb the mountain with a Ranger without falling backward.

You will also get a front & rear parking sensor from a Ranger; therefore, you can safely park your truck with audible warnings.


You will find some advanced safety features with the Ford Ranger in terms of security. Let’s find out what the parts are?

  • Airbags
  • Anti-lock braking system
  • Brake assist
  • Traction control
  • Engine check warning
  • Parking sensors
  • Crash sensor
  • Seat belt warning
  • Child safety locks
  • Front-impact beams
  • Side impact beams
  • Day & night rear view mirror
  • Stability control system
  • Door ajar warning


The Ford Ranger acquires a good reliability rating of 4.0 out of 5.0. The average repair cost of the Ranger is $615, which means it has strong durability. Therefore, the major repairs are mostly uncommon for the Ford Ranger.


You will get an entertainment & communication system with the Ranger for exciting driving. It includes FM Radio, speakers front & rear, Bluetooth connectivity USB & auxiliary input. Therefore, you can easily enjoy music streaming when riding with a Ford Ranger.

Long Lasts

A Ford Ranger can last almost 20 years or more, depending on proper maintenance and better care. You can increase your Ranger longevity more through the adequate service manual, engine oil, and on-time air filter changes.


The starting price of the Ford Ranger is $25,285, which is also an average price. The mid-range price range is $29,335, and the highest cost is $33,375. The price of the Ford Ranger is not so high, which means it is affordable. However, the price may vary from country to country or city to city.


You will get a reliable warranty with the Ford Ranger that is three years per 36000 miles. And you will also get an extended five-year warranty per 60,000mile, a powertrain warranty.

Final Verdict

The Ford Ranger is the right choice & good option in the present growing compact pickup truck class. It acquires 62 out of 100 in consumer reports in 2022, which is not a low score for a pickup truck.

And it has strong engine performance with high fuel efficiency. It also has a high-reliability score and ensures you a top speed & gives better mileage.

So, you can rely on the Ford Ranger, a surprisingly good truck!

By Manali