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Spotify has over 300 million users globally meaning musicians can easily get fans through this platform. As a musician, you are facing competitions from the stars and upcoming artistes so you need to make sure you play well for you to get the recognition you want. Buy Spotify followers to enhance your reach but make sure you also do your best to increase these followers. When you want to retain them, make sure you have the best music especially playlists that will keep your followers entertained whenever they are bored. Below are some tips to market your music on Spotify.

Join Spotify for Artists 

Don’t join Spotify as a consumer if you want to market your music. Join as an artist so that you get the music marketing tools availed to you. if you join as a fan, you will only be able to have the best listening tracks and playlists but you will not be able to market your music. There is an android and IOS version so you can choose the one that meets your needs depending on the device that you are using.

Pitch Music to the Administrators 

If you are releasing a new song, you need to make sure you tell the administrators so that your song can be added to playlists. Pitching helps to make your fans aware that you are soon releasing a new song so they should wait for the real hit to come. When a music pitch is created, it serves as a trailer to ensure people don’t miss the released song. You can submit a song for a pitch a week prior to release so that your followers can be given the release radar. It helps to amplify your reach and you will need to do a very little marketing. 

Increase Your Followers 

Becoming popular is the only to make your music pay well. Spotify has over 300 million users which means if you market your music well, you will have millions of fans on Spotify. For that reason, make sure you even buy Spotify followers so that you increase your reach and make people to like, share and comment on your music. Imagine you have one million followers and they all share your music, this means your music lands into one million new platforms where you stand to get likes and comments as well. 

Use Ads 

Ads are one of the best ways of marketing music. Your music will be contained on those ads so that when listeners listen to other music, they will get an excerpt of the tracks that you have released. This helps to generate organic views on your channel so that you become a celeb.


Besides the above-mentioned ways, you can as well use the Marquee which is a full-screen recommendation of your music to ensure you enjoy excellent outcomes. Market your music continuously if you want to have the best outcomes. You should not stop even if you see that your music is doing well online. 

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