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If you have a dog, you’ve probably seen at least one study or news story warning of the dangers of feeding your dog from the table. Even if you don’t personally feed your pet human food, it’s important to understand what ingredients are in any food you’re giving them, especially if that food includes meat. A raw dog food Melbourne can consist of both cooked and uncooked foods.

If you care about your dog and want to give them the very best life possible, you should consider making the switch to raw dog food, which can provide all the essential nutrients he or it needs in an easily digestible form. Read on to learn about some of the reasons why raw dog food might be right for your pup!

Increase Longevity

The first benefit of feeding your dog raw dog food is living longer. Dogs fed natural raw diets have more minor incidences of cancer, allergies, and digestive problems. They also have more vital immune systems than dogs fed commercial kibble diets, which can mean better overall health for your pet. One study showed that dogs on raw diets had an average lifespan increase of 13 years!

Save Money

Melbourne’s raw dog foodis almost always cheaper than buying canned or bagged, and even more cost-effective than pre-packaged kibble. The price difference is likely to be minimal at first, but you’ll save a great deal of money by buying raw food over time.

No Additives or Preservatives

Not only does feeding your dog raw dog food Melbourne provide him with healthier, more nutritionally-dense food than processed kibble, but it also cuts out many of those nasty additives and preservatives that are in so many dog foods on today’s market. Choosing raw dog food for your pet means you can rest assured that there aren’t any artificial colours or chemicals mixed into his meal, which is particularly important if you have an older pup who’s more prone to developing certain health conditions.

Reduced Allergies

Just like humans, dogs can suffer from allergies that make it difficult for them to live normal lives. One of the most common allergy symptoms is chronic scratching and itching, especially around the ears and neck. Many dog owners find that switching their dog’s diet from kibble to raw food can help reduce or even eliminate these symptoms completely. And just as processed foods often trigger human allergies, many allergic dogs are also sensitive to corn, wheat, soy and other ingredients in store-bought dog food.

Increased Energy

Dogs fed raw diets typically have more energy and do not get as tired as dogs fed commercial diets. This is because commercial dog food is full of fillers, artificial preservatives, and chemicals that wear down a dog’s digestive system and cause fatigue. A raw diet allows dogs to feel their best so they can spend more time enjoying life with you.

Better Digestion

When dogs eat raw foods, they have healthier digestive systems. They also don’t suffer from allergies, as often, and their coats are less itchy and flaky (if at all). Just because dogs in nature eat raw meat doesn’t mean your dog should. Only feed raw if you know what you’re doing—it’s easy to give them bad bacteria or other things that may not agree with them. If you do choose raw dog food, use an organic brand.

Ease Of Preparation

Most people like to have their meals ready when they are, and eating raw dog food offers a lot of flexibility. When you choose raw dog food, you’ll need little prep time; simply store it in your refrigerator and let it come up to room temperature before serving it. The meal will stay fresh for hours after it has been prepared, so you don’t need anything else but an empty bowl for your dog.

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