Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

Rummy is the best source of entertainment. It doesn’t matter if you play it in an online mode or with friends offline. It occupies your time as long as you’re involved in it. Furthermore, it has 13 cards and 2-6 players can play. The main motive is to arrange the cards in order before anyone else does so may win. Everyone is dissolved in the game till the end of it because winning is not at all easy. Some people even play rummy with money, as it is very interesting when we have something at stake for winning and losing.

Some reasons are:

24×7 Gameplay: – One fantastic reason is that we can compete not only with our family members but also with international players by installing the application. We can download rummy app from the Play store also. We can test our skills in front of players from all around the world who may be sitting in any corner. Playing it offline was not as possible as playing it online as it’s a 24×7 Gameplay. We only need to connect to the internet, search for players online, and get started. We can also play it when we are on vacation with our family or friends.

Performance Tracking:- This also helps to build our strategic mind as it involves a lot of skills such as logical reasoning and making combinations, managing the time, etc. Application has an analysis tool also which tracks our records. It’s a good exercise for our minds because we put a lot of stress on cognitive skills. When we are playing, we have to memorize the cards we had drawn out and our competitor’s cards what they are drawing from the deck. It sharpens our skills.

Bonus and Rewards:- One trending reason of playing it is we can win multiple rewards from the app. Also, when we join it for the first time we get a bonus reward that we won’t get a taste of it if we try it offline.

Fighting Boredom: – Fighting boredom is another reason why especially after the COVID-19 where people were not allowed to go out, this is something which helps them kill it and also relieves stress from our life. It helps to divert our minds and brings some positivity for at least some time. We can play rummy online anytime anywhere.

Fair Play: -Safe play is another reason, why playing rummy online is nowadays trending. It encourages safe play. When we used to play it offline we used to have doubts that the card are not shuffled properly and there could be some sort of biases in it, but now it’s random as a computer can never cheat and guidelines are strict. Also, when we win a prize it is directly transferred to our bank account in a few minutes without going into a lengthy process.

Customer Care Service: – In case we have any doubts, or we are not able to understand anything or the game how to play it, then we have a help and support button on it where the team will assign us their assistant who can resolve all our queries and help us move further in the game. Even if we find some sort of fraud in it then the team will have a check on it and will remove it. Further, if we are new to the game then there are tutorials also available which can teach us how to play it.

By Manali