Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

The giving of gifts has always been a major part of family and friendships, holidays, and special days, and it still is. What has, however, changed over time is the way that we shop for and give or send gifts. The internet and e-commerce have played a major role in this modern age of gifting, as has social media and the ability to share and follow with more people than ever before. This article looks at the more notable trends in the art of gifting and discusses whether these are here to stay.

The Rise of the Feel-Good Gift

Giving gifts that are about others who are needier than both you and the recipient and are based on what they need has become a major trend. The global movement towards altruism has seen initiatives, such as a Winter Appeal donation, being given or requested as a gift. The recipient has, thus, donated to a cause that is close to their heart or one that they follow and already support. It has also become quite common for those receiving or expecting gifts to request donations to their own good causes as a gift.

Personalization and Bespoke

The rise of social media influencing and following and the ability to look for your version of celebrity fashion and accessories, tech, and homeware has seen a trend towards personalized and bespoke gifts. The gift may be modelled on something else but is designed specifically with the recipient in mind. It’s made for them while being based on the prevailing trends and styles.

Arts and Crafts

There are more people than ever using the internet and social media to develop arts and crafts hobbies and pastimes where they make anything from candles and bath salts to scrapbooks and the production of all sorts of useful items. Presenting these creations to others as gifts is becoming a chosen means of both saving money, limiting conspicuous consumption, and giving a little bit of yourself to others.

Focus on Mental Health and Wellbeing

There has been an increase in openness and transparency around mental health and wellness issues and challenges around the globe. In this regard, it has become increasingly popular to give yoga lessons, meditation classes, and group sharing sessions as gifts. It is an extension of the trend towards gifting bespoke experiences with the addition of personal growth and development opportunities.

Eco-Friendly and Green

Regardless of the gift, a common and rising theme is to make sure that the gift is green and eco-friendly. The most basic requirement is to ensure that you know where the gift is from and where it has been made. Then, it’s about the raw materials and component resources that were required to produce the gift. Lastly, it is also very much about the sustainability and recyclability of the gift as well. No one wants a throwaway gift or one that only serves to do more harm to the environment.

These gifting trends are those that have been seen to be on the rise and will determine to a large extent the type of gifts that many people will look to purchase and present to those that they love.

By Manali