Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

There are different ways to make your home more fun. Gadgets and accessories like smart speakers and smart LED bulbs can add excitement and something different to your home. Your kitchen, living room and even bathroom can be spiced up with smart solutions. The following are some of the gadgets and accessories to consider:

Smart Lighting

These days, you can do so much with light. A lot of people recommend using warmer and yellow shades in the living room and bedroom, while cooler and bluer shades in the bathroom and kitchen. This is all fine. However, you could even make things better by having your lights automatically turn off and on. You could also dim the lights when it gets dark outside. This should help you conserve energy (and money by default).

In addition, modular lighting panels are great at adding style to any kind of room. It doesn’t matter if you want an ambient style or you prefer a disco party feeling, these lighting panels will be able to satisfy your needs. You can even use smart lighting to grow your plants.

Smart speakers

Smart speakers like Google Home and Amazon Echo are ideal gadgets for any home. They allow you to control smart devices with the sound of your voice. You will be able to listen to music, order takeout, check the news and weather – with just your voice.

With Google and Amazon fighting for dominance, there is massive competition in the market. With this in mind, the best method of determining which one suits you best is to check if they’re compatible with devices you already own or plan to buy in the future. In case you only need the speaker, you could decide on a cheaper option. You can even make your own setup by pairing a Bluetooth speaker with Google Assistant.

Gaming console or PC

This might seem an odd choice, but video games have been known to evoke excitement. It is also an avenue to bring you and your friends/family closer if you play together. You could decide on either a gaming console or a gaming PC, but you’ll need a gaming monitor either way. Lenovo 240HZ gaming monitors are great as you will be able to choose from a host of options.

Robot vacuum cleaners

A robot vacuum cleaner is a great way to clean your home and save money. Even though they’re not as powerful as regular vacuum cleaners, they can definitely clean up most household messes. The modern Roomba models come with a mapping system that allows them memorize various floor plans.

Robot vacuums can even be deployed without supervision (although this largely depends on the model). This can come in very handy if you’re too busy to clean your home. All you have to do is arrange a routine, set up invisible walls so it doesn’t become stuck on furniture or cables, and then relax while it is doing the work it has been tasked to do.

Smart faucets

Smart faucets are environmentally friendly accessories that can save water for you. Its intelligent design also ensures that energy is conserved – thereby reducing your carbon footprint. This faucet reduces contamination as you won’t have to touch it to put it on.

By Manali