Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

You wouldn’t want to see your company go out of business because of a disastrous incident in the workplace. If you’ve ever wondered why workplaces catch fire, you probably already know that arsonists don’t always cause fires. They can also result from electrical failures, faulty wiring, overheating equipment, gas leaks, overloaded circuits, and cigarette smoking.

1. Electrical Issues

If you notice any sparks or hear an explosion when plugging something into a wall outlet, this is probably because there is a problem with the electricity supply. This could also occur if you try to use a power strip that has been turned off for some time, so check all the plugs and outlets on every extension cord.

2. Improperly Wiring

Even though most wiring works very well, there will always be bad wiring jobs done by amateur electricians who do not understand how electricity works. When you get an electrical shock from touching metal parts of appliances such as fridges, stoves, and ovens, you don’t have proper grounding at home. Hiring an experienced restoration team to install all electronics in your house and business buildings is crucial to avoid this situation.

3. Faulty Appliances

These include faulty motors, fuses, and circuit breakers. They may fail to switch off properly, causing a spark that can cause a fire. Make sure to keep track of the usage of your appliances and ensure that they are working correctly. Get a qualified technician to repair any problems.

4. Incorrect Use

For example, using too much current in your appliances through extension leads or trying to run more than one appliance simultaneously. Another issue is running a high-powered microwave oven inside a fridge. Nothing should be placed between the two appliances since it creates a direct path of energy flow. Also, don’t leave food inside a hot oven, as it can cause severe burns and even death.

5. Smoking Cigarettes

It is dangerous because it can create carbon monoxide gas, increasing the fire. It is also hazardous because it contains nicotine which gets into the bloodstream and can harm the brain. Try not to smoke around other people, especially children.

6. Stove Burner Malfunction

This happens due to several things, including shorting out coils or burning wires, which results in overheating the stove burner. A malfunction like this can cause the entire stove to explode. Therefore, make sure to replace burnt elements immediately before they explode.

7. Gas Leaks

Any leakage in gas pipes can cause severe injuries and property damage. Make sure to check for leaks often and fix any ruptures right away.

8. Heating System Failure

This occurs when the thermostat fails to turn off the furnace or air conditioner after the room temperature reaches its set point. A thermostat failure can be caused by a faulty sensor that controls the system.

You can prevent many fires by simply following safety precautions. Don’t forget to put out cigarettes and empty ashtrays. Keep a close eye on candles, lamps, and heating systems. Never overload the circuits. And keep a fire extinguisher nearby.

By Manali