Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

Like most parents, you dream of seeing your child gracing the cover of a fashion magazine or pitting their talents with one of the big-name stars in Hollywood. While it is good to start realizing that dream while they are still young, it is not as easy as you think. Both you and your child need to put in some effort for them to land in modeling and acting career. 

 As a parent, you must understand that being the next Cindy Crawford or Brad Pitt is not all about the glitz and glamor.  

You must determine if your child wants to follow that path. Pushing your kids into a career, they don’t want to pursue in the first place will never work. So ask your kids if they want to be in that industry. 

Getting Your Kids Into The Industry  

As a parent, you should realize that not every child has what it takes to be a model or actor. Once you have determined that your child wants to go into modeling or acting, you can take the following steps to get them started: 

1. Set Your Goals 

What do you want your child to accomplish from such a career? Do you want them to do it for the money or use their experience as a springboard to making modeling or acting their full-time career? You need to ensure that both of you are on the same page and that it will take hard work and effort to achieve the goal. 

2. Find A Modeling Agency

Bubblegum Casting’s kids modelling and acting agency chooses the right one that can be tough. Do your homework on each agency or seek recommendations from friends or families who have experience with agencies before. Check out reviews of each agency but be open-minded. Just because the agency has a bad review does not mean they are not trustworthy. 

 3. Build Their Portfolio

Once you have an agency to build your child’s career, the next step is creating their portfolio. Take some pictures of your child. You do not need to be a professional photographer to do that. One headshot and two full-body pictures are a good starting point. Then share the pictures and personal information with the modeling agencies you found. 

4. Support Your Child 

If your child is really serious about getting into modeling or acting, then give them the support they need to become successful. You can enroll them in acting or modeling classes so they can hone their craft and be good at it. In addition, you can help them succeed by practicing posing with them, helping them with their smiles, or accompanying them to auditions or casting calls. 


Modeling and acting can be a tedious career that your child may be unable to handle. As their parent, you need to guide them every step of the way. Whatever their decision is, you should be all out with your support.  


By Manali