Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

Do you have an appointment with a commercial lightning service provider and you are not aware of the relevant topics to bring up during your discussion? 

Are you new to the Lighting service field? You should not just ask random questions. 

Read through this article as I enlighten you on the necessary points to take note of while discussing with a commercial lighting services provider to discover if the contractor is qualified and experienced enough to work with you on your project. 

8 Things To Discuss With A Commercial Lighting Provider

How bright will the lights be? 

You need to know how many lumens the proposed lighting system will consist of. This will allow you to discover how bright the lights will be. A lighting service provider that’s not aware of the number of a lumen in the light he’s providing is not professional enough.

Do the proposed lighting systems switch on and off automatically?  

It is important to discover how good your contractor is by asking him this question. His response will show you how grounded and experienced he is in the business. His response will also get you informed about different types of Lighting Systems that are available. 

Types of LED lights

You should discuss the types of Led Lights the service provider makes use of. By doing this, you will get to know about various types of LED lights, the advantages and disadvantages of different LED lights, and the best-LED lights that suit your project.

Ask about the temperature of the proposed lighting system.

The color of light is determined by its temperature. You should therefore ask your contractor about the temperature of his or her lighting system and be sure to be observant enough to notice any foul play in the reply you’re getting.  

Discuss the cost of installation

Professional Commercial Lighting providers always have a written quote. Do well to discuss the cost of installing the proposed lighting system. 

This will make you aware of the overall cost of expenses, and also help you discover if the expenses are not beyond your budget.

Find out if the service provider is insured

You should get to know the insurance status of your commercial lighting service provider. 

This will help cover the cost of any accident which might occur while installing the lighting systems. You should note that an uninsured contractor is not fit to handle your project.

Ask about the contractor’s previous projects.

A professional and qualified contractor will have previous projects and customers. Discuss with the contractor how his previous projects went and you can also demand to check through the contractor’s portfolio to see how good his previous projects are.  

What’s the timeframe of project delivery? 

You should also discuss the timeline at which the service provider completes lighting projects. Inexperienced contractors tend to take longer time than necessary on projects. 

Knowing the timeframe required to complete projects will help you prepare everything that the contractor needs to complete the project.

By Manali