Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

The word divorce can put the dread into even the strongest of people, mainly because of the work, stress, and negative emotions that come with the process. And with everything you and your ex-partner have to go through, it wouldn’t be a wise idea to handle the entire process yourself. With the help of Mesa’s trusted divorce lawyers, you’ll be able to overcome this seamlessly.

But there are plenty of attorneys available, so how do you find one that fits your legal needs? Here are ten questions you can ask the lawyer you choose to hire. 

1. Do you Handle Cases Other than Family Law and Divorce?

The most important question you should ask a lawyer before hiring one. The answer your future lawyer gives is what you will use to determine your lawyer’s dedication to your divorce case. Lawyers who practice other areas of law might not be purely focused on your divorce case compared to those who practice family law exclusively.

Also, a divorce lawyer has more experience handling family matters in and out of the courtroom. So, if you have to choose between a divorce law specialist against a law generalist, always go for the one with more experience in family law.

2. Have you Handled Plenty of Divorce Cases?

Hiring the right lawyer for your divorce case is similar to choosing a doctor to perform a particular surgery. You wouldn’t want to hire a doctor who has never done surgery to perform surgery on you. So, never do that when hiring a lawyer for your divorce case.

The divorce process is challenging, and you wouldn’t want to keep checking in on your lawyer every second. You are the client that shouldn’t be your responsibility.

3. How Many Cases Have You Settled Out of Court?

Negotiation is vital, especially when it comes to divorce cases. 90% of the people prefer to settle their cases out of court. Both parties have to find a compromise through their lawyer for that to happen. A lawyer with a considerable number of cases settled out of court is one you would probably want to hire.

4. Do you know my spouse’s attorney or my spouse?

It makes no sense for you to hire a lawyer who is either your spouse’s friend or your attorney. While lawyer-client confidentiality, there is still a conflict of interest. And most times, the lawyer may be swayed to act on behalf of your spouse and not you. So, always confirm that your lawyer doesn’t know your spouse professionally or socially.

5. Do you believe it’s Better to Negotiate than go to Trial?

One fundamental element your need to consider when hiring a divorce lawyer is compatibility. You and your lawyer need to be in sync. So, if you don’t want to go to Trial, go for a lawyer who says it’s better to negotiate.

6. Who Will Handle My Case?

Most lawyers work for substantial law firms. And sometimes, they may end up juggling more than one client at a time. Therefore, always strive to inquire about who will handle your case, as you wouldn’t want to find out at the last minute that a different attorney is handling your case.

7. How Can I Contact You?

Communication is crucial. And since divorce isn’t a one-and-done case, it’s a process; you will need to communicate with your lawyer constantly. Find out how you contact them whenever the need arises. Also, inquire if they will bill you for communication.

8. Do You Have a Huge Caseload?

It’s important to note that you aren’t the only client your lawyer is working with. Therefore, ensure you enquire if they have a massive caseload before hiring them. Your case is just as important as the rest, and you need a lawyer who will give it the attention it deserves.

9. What is Your Opinion on Joint Custody Vs. Sole Custody?

The question of who the children will end up with is often a massive argument between two parents seeking a divorce. And it would be best if you found a lawyer who understands your view when it comes to your kid’s custody. You can know where your lawyer stands regarding custody cases by asking the question above.

10. What Will the Total Cost of Hiring You Be?

Lastly, you need to discuss your lawyer’s fee before signing those documents. For this question, be specific and ask about how they charge. Inquire if it’s a retainer or an hourly billing rate? Ask if there are any hidden charges that you should know about, as you wouldn’t want to be blindsided after the case is over.

Getting divorced is a huge decision. It is also one you should do on your own, especially in legal matters. Therefore, always ensure a lawyer is close by to walk you through the process.

By Manali