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The UK spouse visa applications timeline is dependent on the complexity and uniqueness of each application.

Indeed, for a normal spouse visa application with priority service, a decision can be received in as little as 3, 5, 10 working days. For routine applications, however, the processing time for a UK spouse visa is normally 12 weeks or 60 working days. Even after 120 working days or 24 weeks, 10-15 percent of spouse visa applications (largely inconclusive) may remain to be addressed.

Priority processing timeline

The average processing timeframe for a UK spouse visa is usually 12 weeks or 60 working days. However, the regular processing time for a priority visa is normally six weeks or thirty working days. In general, around 25 percent of applications are complicated; therefore, there is a huge risk that a spouse settlement claim will not be processed within the service standard time.

After biometrics from outside the UK, the processing period for a UK spouse, partner, fiancé, or family settlement visa could take more than sixty working days (12 weeks), during the ongoing COVID-19 times.

Spouse visa processing time after Biometrics

The average time for spouse visa applications for entry clearance, ILR or extension applications is approximately

  • Within 6 months, decide on regular (normal) spouse ILR settlement applications.
  • Within 8 weeks, decide on regular (typical) spouse extension visa applications (40 working days)
  • 98.5 percent and 100 percent of standard (regular) spouse settlement visa applications from overseas are decided within 12 weeks and 24 weeks, respectively, for fast track uncomplicated entry clearance priority spouse settlement visa applications from overseas within 6 weeks or thirty working days.
  • Within five working days, simple priority spouse extension visa applications will be processed.
  • By the next working day, simple super-priority spouse extension and ILR visa applications will be processed.

Processing fee

The fee for a spouse visa application is nearly £1,523 (outside the UK) and £1052.20 (within the UK) (inside the UK).

In addition, the applicants must pay an Immigration Health Surcharge of £400 per year (or £1000) for the duration of their spouse visa stay.

Fees charged by the government and the Immigration Health Surcharge are subject to change at any time. Fees for the Immigration Health Surcharge are expected to rise to £624 per year beginning October 1, 2020, and applicants will be asked to pay £1560.

Applicants can pay an extra £600 (for priority processing outside the UK) or £800 (for priority processing inside the UK) to apply for priority processing for their applications.

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