Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

Searching for a position as a new nurse or even looking for your next assignment can prove daunting, not merely because finding work is a tedious task, but because for healthcare in general, it is incredibly challenging. 

The field is seeing tremendous shortages in personnel, particularly professional personnel like doctors and nursing staff. That means these individuals will be inundated with offers once their resumes hit the market. 

Sifting through these to find what constitutes the best opportunity for a particular financial circumstance or specific personal needs can be overwhelming, to say the least. It is beneficial when nurses have an agency to help guide them to the more suitable choices.

Fortunately, the nurse staffing agencies handle these responsibilities for these professionals. The agency has the capacity to factor a personal experience, skill set, and qualifications, along with an individual’s preferences for a work environment, specialty, or team, against the opportunities weeding through to establish those that make the most sense. 

These are fed to the nurse, who can then select which they prefer to move forward with, and the interviews are put in place. Why is this the most advantageous method for finding ideal employment for the nursing professional? Let’s look at a few of the benefits.

What Are Benefits For Professionals Using Nurse Staffing

For the average person looking for employment is tedious, can prove a significant source of stress, and often leads to frustration. That can be magnified substantially for a professional in the healthcare field, considering the massive shortage the industry is currently experiencing. 

The search is daunting, particularly for doctors and nursing professionals who are in exceptional demand. Learn how essential adequate healthcare staffing is at If a resume were to hit the market, that individual would likely be bombarded with offers to find somehow a way to sift through to find one suitable to meet their specific circumstances. 

That’s a daunting, time-intensive, and exhaustive task many hope to avoid and, in doing so, choose to seek the help of nurse staffing agencies instead. 

The representatives take these obligations away from the professional, handling the narrowing down process, leaving the nurse with viable options from which selections can be made to move forward with the interview process. Is this a genuine benefit for the nurse, and if so, how? Let’s learn.

  • Frees up spare time for more enjoyable pursuits

A nurse has minimal time away from their practice. Not many want to take those spare moments to search for another position, especially when that involves mounds of paperwork to navigate. 

When working with a staffing agency, the representatives familiarize themselves with the candidate’s skillset, qualifications, and experience in order to weed through the options to find a facility with whom the resume aligns with the job description. A quality agency will also ensure that the candidate’s preferences, specialty, and musts are met.

If there is no match within the offers on the table, the recruiter will go on the job boards and, again, attempt to make a match, continuing to do so until there is a list for the nurse to review. Go here for details on the advantages of working with an agency.

  • Selling the resume and setting up the interview

Generally, in the healthcare field, a first conversation is usually along the lines of a pre-interview process where the hiring manager will ask a few questions to weed out candidates and narrow their interview schedule. 

Instead of a nurse having to sell themself through these “frivolities,” the staffing agency handles the calls to get the face-to-face interviews set up. 

That means they take care of selling the nursing professional to the hiring manager to get you on the final interview schedule. From that point, the ball’s in your court.

The benefit going in, though, is the fact that the agency has already handled the logistics of the job. The facility is well aware of the credentials you bring to the position. The salary and benefits you’re requesting are already on the table. With a go-between, the interview can strictly focus on the formalities of the job.

Final Thought

With a nurse staffing agency, the representatives are educated not only in the hiring process but in healthcare. These individuals understand that the position needs to meet specific criteria and won’t waste your time or that of the provider by setting up a useless interview. 

The goal is to find a suitable match after navigating tough negotiations and motivating the provider to expeditiously work to get you on their team to avoid losing top talent. 

These are things a staffing agency has the capacity to do, whereas it would be challenging for a nurse to maneuver past the hiring manager to get a solid interview. 

The quality staffing agency has the nursing professional’s best interests as a top priority, while the nurse can have peace of mind until the interviews are scheduled.

By Manali