Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

The eye is the most crucial part of our body, so we must take proper care of our eyes to maintain vision and focus. If you have eye-related problems, you need proper glasses to improve your vision and refractive errors. There are some healthy tips which you should keep in mind as mentioned:-

Washing Your Hands 

Always wash your hands to clean up with germs and bacteria that can go to your eyes while you rub them. With a clean hand, there are low chances of infection and other problems.

Eat healthy and Beneficial Food. 

You need to take the food that benefits your health and your eyes for better eye health. By taking a healthy and balanced diet, your eyes health will remain solid and suitable for a long age. Add green vegetables and fruits which boost your health like Spanish, collard green, and kale. If you are a non-vegetarian, fish is the most acceptable option as it improves your eyesight and cells.


Making your body fit by running and exercising can make your eyes healthy. Some people are overweight and have a higher risk of diabetes, which can lead to vision problems. Being fit will give you many other health benefits also.

Early To Notice, Early To Cure

If you face vision issues like blurry eyes, headache, eye redness, and difficulty reading at school, don’t think twice and immediately tell your parents. Take your eye test and do what the ophthalmologist prescribed.

Protect With Glasses And Contact Lenses

If you are facing blurry vision, immediately wear the prescribed glasses or contact lenses, which help you see a clear vision, remove discomfort, and focus on every object and letter.

Contact Lenses

Wear your contact lenses which help you to give natural and excellent vision, they are disposable, so there are fewer chances of discomfort and infection. They are straightforward to apply due to their thin hydrogel silicone material.

Give 20-20-20 breaks to maintain health.

If you are a person who is constantly working on the computer and laptop, do this 20-20-20 exercise. You have to take a break every 20 minutes and look for 20 steps for 20 seconds. This will help you with eye problems and the digital ray from the screen.

Don’t do smoke

Smoking is bad for every part of your body, damages eye vision, and may lead to blindness. Smoking is a bad habit that needs to be stopped.

Food for Good Diet and Nutrition

As mentioned, you should add some primary ingredients to your diet. 

Vitamin C – This vitamin helps you lower the risk of cataracts. When it goes to your body with another nutrient, it slows the growth of age-related macular degeneration. You can add some fruits to your diet for vitamin C like tomatoes, papaya, strawberries, and orange.

Zinc: This ingredient plays a vital role by bringing vitamin A from the liver to your eye retina to produce protective pigment in your eyes named melanin. Some sources of zinc include seeds, nuts, shellfish, red meat, and oysters.

Omega 3: This is an essential fatty acid that helps you with proper retinal function and vision development. There are sources of omega three which help to reduce inflammation, provoke the outer eye layer oily, and enhance the productivity of tears, like cold water fish, tuna, and salmon.

Vitamin E – This helps your eyes by protecting them from radicals, which are unstable molecules present in the cells of your eyes. You find many good sources of vitamin E in food like sunflower oil, vegetable oil, sweet potatoes, wheat gram, nuts, and corn oil.

Eyeglasses Benefits

Eyeglasses help you to see the world in clear and crisp vision. If you are facing blur vision, taking a healthy diet is good but not the complete cure. You need to wear glasses, which are beneficial for you. If you don’t wear glasses, your eyesight power will increase and leads to more blurry vision, by which your eye health will be fully damaged.

Many kinds of frames are available for all age groups and places like colleges, offices, factories, and for older people who frequently lose their glasses. Both temples are attached to the glasses, so they hang them on the neck, which is very convenient for them.

There are affordable prescription glasses online that help with all types of refractive errors and protect your eye in many ways.

  • It has anti-dust properties, glass never soaks fog, and glasses are scratched-proof, giving long life to the frame.
  • Highly built quality metal, plastic, and wooden frames are unbreakable.
  • There are UV rays-protected lenses available that help you from the sunlight.
  • You can make any frame as your prescribed glasses.

Progressive and bifocal lenses are available for 40+ years of people who want to see clear & better vision. If you are facing refractive problems like presbyopia, myopia, and astigmatism, you can choose single-vision lenses that help protect your eyes. There are eye zen lenses specially designed for those who want to work on a digital screen for illustrative purposes like laptops and computers.


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By Manali