Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

Numerous subfields are displayed within the legal profession, and due to the sheer volume of these subfields, no single legal practitioner can be considered an expert in all of them. Simply put, lawyers typically focus their careers on one area of law. Even though many law firms focus on several different areas of practice, most individual attorneys choose to focus on just one.

The criminal defense attorney’s job is to do everything possible to cast reasonable doubt on the client’s guilt, and only the one who sits in the prosecution will bestow a burden of proof. Hence, if you know someone accused of a crime they may or may not have committed, you can have them represented by the Oakland criminal lawyers to clear their name. 

An important thing to remember when you’re facing criminal charges is that you get to present your defense to the judge. With the assistance of criminal defense attorneys, they may be able to find a swift solution to resolve your case. In addition, it entails going over their case, collecting all pertinent information, and communicating with the other attorneys working on the issue.

Now that we know the gist of a criminal defense lawyer’s responsibilities, let us go through the different criminal cases they handled in this post. 

DUI or Driving Under the Influence 

This criminal case results from loss of driving privileges, monetary fines, and possible jail time. It is your lawyer’s responsibility to work toward securing the best possible outcomes for you through the negotiation and execution of an agreement that is in your best interests over the long term. They will investigate the allegations made against you and provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision regarding which appeal to pursue.

Theft and Robbery

If you really want to look out for your years ahead and protect yourself from the consequences of a theft charge, whether it be a minor one like shoplifting or a more serious one like attempted robbery, car theft, embezzlement, or grand larceny, hiring a criminal defense attorney is absolutely necessary.

As a matter of fact, the significance of the stolen goods and the presence of a weapon during the crime frequently determine the severity of the case. A conviction for a more severe offense can result in a much more punitive sentence than the penalties imposed for a misdemeanor, which may only include community service or monetary fines.

Domestic Violence

Such disputes can arise between anyone close to another person, including roommates, dates, spouses, and even parents and children. Even if you’re assured in your ability to put the law into your hands, having a lawyer on your side is still a good idea to ensure you’re getting the most favorable terms possible.

Physical and emotional abuse, stalking, kidnapping, and even rape are some of the specific crimes that frequently occur in these situations. Having a skilled defense attorney is crucial when facing these allegations. A conviction can have far-reaching consequences for the accused person’s life, including their ability to find work, see their children, and even be awarded custody.

Assault and Battery

Despite their similarities, battery refers to the intentional use of force against another person, whereas assault refers to the intentional infliction of physical injury to any person.

The severity of the victim’s injuries is typically taken into consideration when determining the appropriate level of punishment for these offenses, which can range from petty offenses to serious felonies. The severity of the victim’s injuries is irrelevant when determining whether or not the offense involves using a weapon, which always results in felony charges.

Sexual Harassment or Sex Crimes

These kinds of lawsuits cover the entire spectrum of sexual misconduct. From unwanted sexual advances to aggravated sexual assault. Defending yourself against public indecency, child sexual abuse, forcible rape, spousal rape, or sex trafficking are all reasonably common accusations. The severe nature of such accusations casts a lousy perspective on the condemned from the outset; therefore, an innocent person must prepare a robust case against their accuser.

By Manali