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According to The Americans with Disabilities Act, it is illegal for insurance companies to charge someone higher car insurance rates for their physical or mental disability. Though one might need to purchase additional coverage to protect the additional equipment installed to modify your vehicle & to accommodate it with their disability. 

As per ADA, insurance companies cannot calculate the insurance premium depending upon the mental or physical disabilities of an individual, this also means there is such scheme as auto insurance discounts for disabled persons.

In spite of all this, one can always compare quotes from multiple companies to get different plans for the best car insurance for unemployed or employed disabled persons.

Disability Car Insurance: There is no such thing as a “car insurance discount for a handicapped individual. According to the Disability Discrimination Act of 2005 Insurance providers can notdiscriminate between people based on their disabilities, which means disabled drivers or owners have to purchase the same can insurance coverage as others.

However, they might have to pay for additional coverage. They might include individuals under a few conditions such as Amputee or paraplegic, Cerebral palsy, hearing or vision loss, and so on.

Buy Now, Pay Later: Using buy now pay later for big purchases can be a good option. In fact, rates of policy can be reduced by being focused on discounts.

For example,

Drive safe: Almost 20% of the policy amount can be saved being a safe driver. Yes, if you drive save & have no bad driving history then you can save up to 20%

Split Up payments: It can make an expensive item attainable. Splitting up an investment lowers the burden of paying a lump sum amount at one go.

Drive Less: If your car has a mileage of up to 800 or even less than that, for every month one can expect a 15% discount.

These are a few options that can be taken to obtain a car insurance discount for handicapped persons.


Car Insurance Premium for a Disabled Person!

Though it is not possible to discriminate against individuals on the basis of their disabilities. Therefore, one can not be charged high for their disabilities which also means there are no auto insurance discounts for disabledpersons too. However, one can be charged high for other modifications made into their vehicles.

For example, if somebody is suffering from Hearing impairment, they might need to upgrade their vehicle with some sort of hearing alert device, People having vision impairment are considered to be high risked drivers & might need to pay a higher premium per month or if someone is suffering from paralysis there can be an additional cost for a modification of wheelchair lift which will increase the cost of the car as well as the premium of insurance.


Can insurance companies prevent an individual from driving?

An insurance company cannot stop a person from driving. That authority is left to that particular state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). If your disability impedes you from driving safely, especially if a medical professional certifies that then the DMV might prohibit you from driving. However, it is not your insurance company’s job to do.

Cost of Car Insurance for disability-adapted vehicles!

A full coverage car insurance policy includesPersonal liability, Uninsured and underinsured motorist, medical payments, Personal injury protection, Collision and comprehensive, and of course Adaption or special equipment coverage. One must have comprehensive & collision coverage to cover custom equipment in a vehicle.

It typically covers custom equipment worth up to $1,000. If the equipment is worth more than that then one might need to purchase supplemental coverage. Luckily for most of the major vehicle insurance companies, it is easy to add extra coverage.

Some of the common modifications to make a car disability-adapted are Automatic doors, adjustable seats, Wheelchair ramps, restraints, Power seats, Keyless entry and ignition, and so on.

If a person is unemployed for their disability they might search for disability-focused local resources to get the cheap car insurance for unemployed and that too at a lower rate. One of the best options is Alias Insuranceto get the best deals within budget.

By Manali