Sun. Jun 23rd, 2024

Metarun is the first PvP/PvE, P2E mobile-runner game that allows players to completely customize their ownership of NFT assets. The players commence their endless run by choosing their preferred characters from among the fighters, craftsmen, and sprinters. For every existing class, there are four characteristics: health, collision damage, maximal damage, and mana. Each of these characters offers certain characteristics while lacking in others. This is why it’s imperative that you choose them well.

The ultimate goal of this game is similar to that of other runner games, where the players are supposed to cross the line after battling a course that is filled with traps, monsters, and treasures. In this game, the Metarun players are offered a variety of ways to help them upgrade their NFT assets through characters like skins, weapons, and also by using the in-game tokens that they have accumulated.

All the in-game assets that are available can be considered NFT assets and can be traded by buying, selling, or leasing them out to other players. Also, it’s possible for the players to level up their game and race against players from all over the globe. Also, players can actually farm their tokens, helping them to earn more rewards.

What features does Metarun have that other similar games don’t?

1. PVP Mode

While in this mode, players can actually test their skills against other players and, in the process, gain valuable in-game rewards. By upgrading your characters, you can enjoy certain benefits over other players that you are competing with. This somehow makes it easier for you to clear levels.

2. The MRUN Token Utility

Players can use the $MRUN, which is some kind of a currency, to upgrade their levels and gain some competitive advantage over other players that also take part in the games. This currency is used to acquire such things as gemstones, which can be used to offer a temporary power boost as well as character customization. Also, there is an advertising space inside the in-game map-assets which a player can spend his or her $MRUN to acquire. If a player wants to maximize his or her in-game rewards, they can participate in multiplayer PVP mode using $MRUN.

3. Levels System

This runner game has several levels, and these levels determine the exact amount that game participants are directly entitled to. The lowest level offers 5k $GAME, which is put into the staking pool and which might go to a higher level of 150k $GAME. Also available are lower lottery levels that start at $750 per game, which gives you a better chance of getting an allocation, especially when it’s compared to a public whitelist.


Metarun is providing the best NFT games to all the interested parties that are backed by visionaries who want to bring forth innovative products and change the future of the gaming industry for good. This game is technologically different, as it’s the first PvP/PvE, P2E mobile-runner game to be available anywhere. With unique features such as the $MRUN Token Utility and PVP, Metarun will continue to be a standout among other similar choices.

By Manali