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Have you already heard the term sales intelligence if you are in B2B?

Just because most of us have heard about it, it doesn’t mean businesses use enough sales intelligence tools. In fact, most don’t use any. 

Buyers today expect hyper-personalized and relevant interactions at various touchpoints. Thus, when you interact with your prospects, you need to have enough information about the company. It brings an advantage over the competitors increasing the chances to close your deal. 

It is the type of information that sales intelligence companies provide with their various sales intelligence solutions. Let’s learn more about what is sales intelligence and what are top sales intelligence tools for B2B businesses.

What is a Sales Intelligence Tool?

Sales intelligence encircles around the concept of gathering data about prospects. To be precise, it is a solution involving a process of deriving data from prospective clients on a real-time basis. Multiple channels and methods are leveraged to gather information on prospects. 

Sales intelligence is more than just collecting data about prospects. The database prepared by the sales intelligence companies enables the B2B marketers to work hard in analyzing the context and behavior pattern of the customer. So, you do not only get the face value data but also the deeper insights behind the purchase action of consumers. 

B2B marketers can build a strong, sound, and sturdy picture for all the participants in the sales cycle. This not only promotes bridging the gap between the prospects, companies, and sales reps but also helps move negotiators with the clients more effectively and naturally. So, the short and the long answer is Yes, B2B sales intelligence tools help in understanding the prospects and make life and business better.

How does Sales Intelligence Intelligence work?

No doubt, the sales techniques are pointless without data or the right data. Even though it is a blunt statement, data aids in propelling effective marketing campaigns and carrying out great sales conversions- thus refining targets.

When it comes to sales intelligence, the more the data, the better. However, the data needs to be accurate, reliable and refreshed in real-time. So, a B2B sales intelligence platform needs to derive information from a wide range of sources that are trusted and worthwhile.

Studies and analysis show that B2B sales intelligence tools are a crucial part of decision making. When you have genuinely authentic data, you can understand what your customers want. So, rather than blanketing in a stereotype or poorly researched demographic sales intelligence helps pull a hyper contextual data platform. It is neither too broad nor too niche specific. 

To add more, sales intelligence is awesome to help pull all unstructured data that is quite relevant. The major reason for the downfall of the sales conversion is due to the wrong data, or incorrect parameters. Making sure that we work on a highly relevant source of data, we can have a refined B2B sales intelligence platform.

The right data helps us understand who our customers are and how to approach them!

Benefits of B2B Sales Intelligence Tool

Sure, we believe that sales and marketing go hand in hand, but it is not always the case! In the modern age, the departments need to push and blend departments together for quick action. 

The key lesson from combining sales and marketing data is that it can improve customer understanding on both sides of the equation. After a lead is obtained, marketing frequently takes a back seat to sales. While this is going on, sales engage customers directly.

Sales can actively create new scripts and action plans using marketing data. Sales will gain by using well-researched marketing data and insights rather than slogging via the same tried-and-true channels.

That all contributes to having superb client knowledge with the help of the B2B sales intelligence platform. All clients will benefit from this, of course. As purchasers receive customized marketing and approaches, engagement value rises. That will eventually mean that marketing can keep providing sales with chances that have been thoroughly investigated.

You’ve just gotten hold of a list of names, numbers, and emails. You can now start strategizing your upcoming marketing campaign or begin prospecting for your best accounts.

Maybe you can? If your income depended on the correctness of b2b sales intelligence tools, would you attest to its integrity? Since it does.

  • With high bounce rates, inaccurate data, and misaligned campaigns, shoddy databases lose time.
  • Using erroneous data that doesn’t enable them to organize quality meetings or produce qualified leads causes salespeople to burn out.
  • Data shouldn’t be allowed to gather dust in a database as part of ongoing database hygiene. As your database expands and new information becomes accessible, it must be dynamic.

You may build targeted, personalized messages that speak directly to decision-makers and accelerate the sales process with better prospect segmentation.

Boost Sales Visibility

Your customer relationship management (CRM) software frequently incorporates B2B sales intelligence platforms. These are cloud-based or cloud-hybrid systems that let all users access up-to-date data on a customer or company. This guarantees that the status of the client or a sale is known to both the in-house and onsite personnel. CRMs are also accessible through mobile devices. In turn, before entering a meeting, you can look up the most recent information.

Improve B2B and B2C Targeting

Business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-customer (B2C) solution providers are the two types of companies. Upstream B2Bs in the value chain requires distinct sales intelligence than a downstream B2C. 

B2C businesses don’t care if they lose clients. New clients can readily take their place. Instead, they send the consumer marketing content on a regular basis using CRMs.

Better Outreach Timing

If you approach potential customers too soon, they won’t be prepared to buy. If you get in touch with them too late, though, they might have already purchased the offer from another company.

Data from a prior sale about the client is analyzed by sales intelligence software. When they require items, everything falls into place. This also happens in B2B businesses. It is, however, less automated. As a result, your client interactions will be more tailored with the help of a B2B sales intelligence platform.

Boosted Revenue

You must make sure that your firm remains “relevant” in the marketplace when working with customers or clients. This implies that you’ll need to keep building your brand. Additionally, you’ll need to continuously reach out to as many customers as you can. In other words, you need to continue encouraging people to remember the brand. And, this is where sales intelligence companies come into play.

Better Lead Quality

To obtain better leads is the game’s objective in terms of sales. Many inexperienced salespeople assume that the purpose of click funnels is to increase the number of customers who enter the funnel. In reality, the sales funnel aids in removing prospects who aren’t yet ready to make a purchase. 

When a client turns into a possible qualified lead, sales intelligence solutions let you know. This is possible since the solution tracks prior sales. Additionally, it will enable you to anticipate their future requirements. So, this is how you can leverage the top sales intelligence tools for the best outcome.

Current Industry Insights

A web-scraping tool is one piece of technology you might not often associate with sales. Many sales intelligence systems include these tools. They facilitate the entry of the processed data into your CRM. The b2b sales intelligence tools are also highly helpful because they are immediately applied to a target client’s social media profiles, websites, and other online spaces.

Top 5 B2B Sales Intelligence Tools


Ampliz provides an extensive mailing list with information about prospects from areas including location, firmographics, demographics, and technology. This prospect data is not included in all industry email lists.

Therefore, consider Ampliz when you wish to buy an email list by industry.

Make use of the Ampliz email list if you don’t want your rivals to out-target you when it comes to prospecting. Ampliz is a fantastic platform for accelerating your B2B marketing and purchasing industry email lists. To turn cold contacts into customers, it makes sense to buy industry email lists. However, to effectively interact with the audience, write a well-structured and clear-on-action email. In the email, only include the most pertinent and useful details.


FirstRain was created by IgniteTech!

FirstRain is appropriately first on our list. It provides a comprehensive approach to helping your sales force perform better. It gives you the ability to develop a go-to-market sales strategy with up-to-date information about customers, markets, and industry verticals. When launching a sales campaign, every sales team requires this since it prevents time from being wasted calling unqualified leads.

Additionally, you may utilize this technology to acquire in-depth product and market data to find new opportunities before your rivals do. FirstRain is a platform for business collaboration and complete CRM integration. This facilitates easy adoption throughout your teams.

FirstRain can assist you in creating your own marketing templates in addition to sales. This is excellent for B2C companies. Interestingly, FirstRain lets you control the risk associated with your sales and marketing efforts. This makes sure that you aren’t exerting excessive effort while endangering the performance of others. When managing numerous marketing and sales campaigns, this can be helpful. It can, for instance, alert you if you’re funding one campaign over another that would produce greater results.

Overall, FirstRain offers you everything you require in a single integrated solution to increase your sales!

You can access an immersive UI on

The next platform is, which has a fantastic UX and makes it easy for your sales team to navigate. Additionally, it contains a built-in database for controlling sales activity. The tool states that it can ten-fold your productivity. With these sales intelligence tools, you should be able to achieve productivity that is similar to this.

To aid with your B2B sales, surprisingly gives you access to 220+ million contacts and 30 million enterprises. Depending on how current the information is for you to use, it’s not clear how beneficial this is. Additionally, you may naturally expand your personal contact information. additionally enables web scraping and has an Agile integration.


The greatest security requirements are upheld by Echobot.

The B2B sales efforts of Echobot are properly optimized. Its General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) security compliance is one of its key characteristics. It safeguards users and private information. This is crucial for businesses since any data leak can result in a loss of reputation, which lowers revenue.

In European nations, GDPR is crucial for several industries, including healthcare. Without adhering to this criterion, businesses in this industry are unable to conduct business with healthcare providers. This necessity is a result of regulations for some firms. For others, it serves as the accepted industrial norm.

This tool’s 30+ trigger events are only one of its fantastic features. These notify users of important events like management changes and secured finance. Additionally, it offers information on a company’s financial situation and evaluates its payment and retail options. This gives you a thorough picture of the company’s operations, financial situation, and new products it is introducing to the market. 

Echobot can gather the data from this and evaluate potential buying opportunities.


Even though Outreach has a straightforward user interface, it lacks sales features.

Outreach is a platform for sales execution that transforms sales data into actionable sales intelligence using proprietary AI. Workflows for sales are automated by this solution. It gives you predefined playbooks to manage all aspects of outreach efforts.

Through AI-driven team analytics that provides managers access to real-time sales data, teams can evaluate their productivity. For businesses that must forecast their sales revenue, this is crucial. Additionally, it assists in determining whether they’ll require additional funding to pay for their overhead costs and outstanding debt.

To assist salespeople in overcoming objections throughout the sales process, you also receive a sentiment tracker for sales.

Final Thoughts

Sales Intelligence is the tool running the B2B businesses and keeping them ahead of their competitors. However, the main concern is to have an authentic and reliable platform for the same. Finding and connecting with the top sales intelligence tool can be a little challenging but it is an evil necessity in today’s market. 

How do you plan to boost your business growth and keep your pipeline rich?

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