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In today’s modern age, influenced by technological impact, almost all means of information and communication are digital. And these forms of communication and sharing of information also involve payment methods such as sending and receiving checks. But because it can be difficult to compressively understand how you can send and receive checks correctly and safely, explore more about check writing here before learning more about the safest way to send checks in the mail and everything that involves the process.

The Safest Ways of Sending Checks in the Mail

While the conventional method of sending checks in the mail is by sending the check directly in the mail, the process is prone to theft, the check being forgotten or even misplaced during shipping and sometimes losing it. So, to carry out the procedure safely, some of the ways include the following.

Using Online Check Mailing Services

When it comes to sending checks in the mail, online check mailing services involve using online software designed for sending and receiving checks digitally. The software is mainly an online administration system that is highly scalable and deals with sending and receiving checks digitally without hassles.

At the same time, the software also checks the emails sent along with the checks the same day they are processed using the client’s financial account information and where the check comes from. In addition, the software also sends and receives checks instantly by allowing you to set up and send or receive the checks within the shortest time possible or the time frame set for such services.

The software should also contain a team of integration assistants and work on a 24/7 schedule allowing customers to track their checks and know when recipients will get them. And an excellent example of such software is the one you can explore from companies like 

Using Colored or Special Types of Letters

The idea of sending checks in the mail using colored or unique letters involves checking with the delivery company for the type of services they have. And if they have special delivery, they will also automatically have individual letters that ensure the recipients receive the check. These particular letters could contain colors with unique features that indicate they carry valuables, such as checks given by specific employees at the postal offices. For example, you could get them from the clerk or even the postal office manager. Unlike other mails, these letters could be wrapped and packaged differently to help the collectors at the postal office distinguish them from other mails.

Or, if you decide to use colored letters, the postal office will also give you options to choose from. You could be offered options where you select unique letters for writing specific information to the recipient or include the sending details you want. At the same time, the mail you send could contain a postmark that distinguishes it from others.

Hiding the Checks in Letters

Because sending checks via mail will automatically cost you more than sending regular mails, you can use the method by hiding the checks inside the mail letters you send. You can simply hide the checks and send the mails as other typical letters. But remember, although this is faster, it’s sometimes not the safest way unless you let the clerks know you have money inside the letters you send. And once you inform the clerks or anyone else at the postal office about this, they will charge you more, considering they will also add unique features to distinguish your letters from others.

And when you decide to hide the checks in the letters and inform the mail service people about it, you will be given a typical mail letter that you will fold and place inside the letters. Also, you will learn about making folds depending on the type and transparency of the papers used. Or, you could even use greeting cards to hide the checks before inserting them inside the letters.  

Using Specific Information and Restricting the Checks

For security purposes, you can safely send your checks via the mail by changing the check details into something that doesn’t indicate anything about checks inside the mail. Or, you can restrict the check by filling in details you usually would, such as deposit only. This way, you then inform the recipient that the email you’re sending contains checks.

Or, you could let the postal office technicians include your letters with other packages containing valuable items for particular recipients, including yours.

By Manali