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When writing a story, your protagonist is the main character who drives the plot, interacts with other characters, and has the most speaking lines. Your antagonist is the villain of your story who reacts to your protagonist and tries to stop them from reaching their goal. They are the character who you don’t like, the ones you pity, or the ones you fear the most.  A yaoi manga protagonist and antagonist can be similar, yet different. Both characters have to serve a purpose in your story. Protagonists are the ones who are the heroes. They are the ones who want to do things for others and not for themselves. They want to help others and not bring harm to them. Unlike antagonists, the protagonist has a positive influence on the other characters. They often have good intentions, but they are put in difficult situations. They are the ones who other characters are looking up to and want to be like. They are the ones who can unite the other characters and bring them together. They are the ones who have the power to change the world. Protagonists can be friends, parents, teachers, or anyone who wants to make the world a better place.  Here are some of the traits that make a manga protagonist and antagonist.


What Makes a Manga Character an Antagonist?

Antagonists are the ones who oppose the protagonist, want to stop them from reaching their goal or try to harm them in some way. They usually have a negative influence on the protagonist. In order to bring conflict, the protagonist and the antagonist have to be different characters.  While creating a mangago protagonist and antagonist, you have to consider their personalities, what makes them different, and what drives them. You have to know who they are, why they act the way they do, and why they oppose the protagonist. The antagonist can be friendly or mean or even both. They could be like a supporting character or even a secondary protagonist who helps the protagonist. The antagonist could be a pearl boy that gone through a dark life. Antagonists also have reasons for doing things opposite of Protagonists.


Key Traits of an Impressive Manga Antagonist

  • The Villain. The antagonist is the one who opposes the protagonist and wants to stop them from succeeding. They’re the ones who try to harm the protagonist in some way. They can be family, friends, teachers, or anyone the protagonist trusts. They are the ones who try to make the protagonist fail.  
  • Unstable. The antagonist has to have a dark side. They have to have flaws and be prone to making mistakes. They have to be human so that the audience can relate to them and feel empathy for them.  
  • Wary. The antagonist has to be wary of the protagonist. They have to be careful and not make rash decisions. They have to be strategic and think several steps ahead.  
  • Emotional. The antagonist has to be able to feel emotions. They have to be able to let down their guard and have weaknesses.


Why is the protagonist a hero?

As stated above, the protagonist is the one who stands against the antagonist. They are the one who wants change and tries to make the world a better place. They are the one who is looking after others, not themselves. They are the one who has good intentions and tries not to bring harm to others. They are the hero and the ones people look up to.  They are the ones the other characters want to be like. They are the ones the readers want to root for. They are the ones who can unite the other characters and bring them together. They are the one who has the power to change the world.


Key Traits of a Superb Manga Protagonist

  • Ambition. The protagonist wants to make a change in the world, but they also have to have a goal and passion in life. They have to want to be the best at what they do. They have to have a drive and ambition to change the world. 
  • Commitment. The protagonist also has to be dedicated to their goal and not give up easily. They have to be committed to making their goal come true and not give up easily.  
  • Determination. The protagonist also has to have determination. They have to not give up easily and not give up when others tell them to give up. They have to keep going when others tell them that it’s impossible.  
  • Spontaneity. The protagonist also has to be spontaneous. They have to be willing to try new things and not be afraid to make mistakes. They have to not be afraid to take risks.



Manganelo books are a prominent style of graphic novels. It is widely known across different countries. It is also known as Japanese comics which has a variety of genres such as romance, mystery, horror, thriller, adventure, action, fantasy, history, titan, and more. It also has demographics that help categorize Japanese comic books regarding the age range and gender group. Manga is heavily influenced by Japanese culture and tradition which is visible on every page. Even the style of reading manga is different from reading ordinary literature books.

A good manga protagonist and antagonist can bring a good story to life. By understanding how these two character types work, you can get out of the trouble of creating one yourself. A good manga protagonist and antagonist can help bring a story to life, but they can’t just be thrown together without any thought of their personality or characteristics. Impressive manga books are often adapted into anime series. It takes a good set of characters to elevate a manga book’s plot. Creating specific characters with distinct qualities takes a lot of time and analysis because it affects the manga book’s quality. You can start reading manga books to learn how to create antagonists and protagonists that can be the best fit for your manga book. Mangaowl is a free site you can always visit.

By Manali