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Team Building Activities

Teamwork is instrumental in creating a comfortable and productive work environment across organizations. The interdependence across the various organizational departments requires cohesiveness to execute their duties and responsibilities. Teamwork and embracing team-building activities help the organizations attain leadership development, enhanced communication, and increased alignment. Here are some of the team building activities that are effective for corporate employees. 

6 Team Building Activities That Are Effective for Corporate Employees

1. Volunteering for a Good Cause

Participating in volunteering and charity work is among the best ways to build teamwork among employees within the organization. Activities that develop a sense of empathy help the employees connect with the community and with each other. It also creates a sense of belonging as the organization cannot work in isolation from the community. Fostering a good relationship with surrounding communities and other organizations is key to a conducive business environment.

Another benefit of taking on volunteering work for the organization is that it will gain a positive brand perception. This is key to increasing the organization’s client base as it competes with similar service providers. The opportunity to do good and the subsequent satisfaction helps boost work morale while creating a conducive work atmosphere. 

2. Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt is among the best activities that can help employees build teamwork as they gain problem-solving skills. Divide the employees into teams from different departments and send them on a treasure hunt around the facilities. You can make the treasure hunt enjoyable by including mysteries, riddles to solve, and questions to answer. 

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The beauty of this activity is that you can customize it and include minor challenges in the game. To develop problem-solving skills, hide clues within the facility, or have a separate team assist with planning. The team members are then tasked with collecting items placed in hidden places. They need to search and find these items using the clues provided before the other teams verify their authenticity to get points.

3. Escape Room

Developing leadership skills among the employees with critical thinking is fundamental to the growth of an organization. The escape room is suitable for corporate employees to test and build problem-solving skills while challenging critical thinking. The escape rooms will help the employees understand the benefits of working together and communicating effectively. If you don’t have room for this activity, you can embrace virtual spaces to help create an escape room.

The escape rooms can be set up in different locations within or outside the organization’s facility. This increases the complexity as team members go through each section to solve different problems or puzzles. Working together to solve these situations will help employees learn the benefits of collaboration and proper communication.

4. Culinary Competition

Corporate employees tend to be busy, and planning culinary competitions will help break the tension, allowing for a focus shift. The activity provides a creative way to introduce a challenge and build their creativity. While they may be good cooks, adding a twist to diverse cooking methods will help them embrace different opinions. Divide them into smaller teams, choose a menu or food category, and prepare it as a team. 

Whichever food category the teams pick, have a particular ingredient that must be part of the components in the final product. You can also plan this challenge to include different food items and ingredients without a specified final product. Having a variety of ingredients in this approach will help bring out the participants’ creativity. After the competition, have the teams sample the meals and give their goal opinions on the final result.

5. Organize a Karaoke Competition

Corporate spaces tend to make employees live within walls of corporate conduct and work regulations. Organizing a karaoke competition between the teams in the department will increase competitiveness. It is also one of the best ways to help them come out of their shell and get creative. If the teams have more introverted tendencies, consider organizing this as a group activity. Involve each employee and let them make a presentation in a foreign language to add to the fun.

6. Plan Mystery Dinners

Building relationships is important in organizations as it helps them create rapport with the clients. Planning a mystery dinner is a creative way to help the teams build positive working relationships with each other. Since competition exists between organizational departments, link different groups for a dinner date. Plan reservations, dates, and times to help them share ideas and connect. It can also be fun to assign employees to play different roles in the mystery, such as detective, victim, culprit, etc. 

Final Word

Team building activities increase cohesion between the different teams in the organization. They are also critical in fostering and building the company’s culture. When planning the next team-building activity, consider activities that will enhance productivity. They will help nurture and create healthy work relationships.

By Manali