Sat. Jul 13th, 2024

If you are looking for a pool in your backyard, but are worried about the small space that you have then plunge pools are the best option for you. It is budget-friendly, and quick to install plus you can enjoy a pool at your convenience at your home. It is the best alternative to your traditional in-ground pools. 

Plunge Pools

Plunge pools are small pools that are typically installed in-ground. It is not big for swimming but you can enjoy getting wet or cooling off in summer with kids to take a dip and also for aqua-aerobics and water rehabilitation.

They are usually rectangular, but you can have them in different shapes depending on the area. They can be 8 feet wide and 10 to 18 feet long. The depth can vary to a minimum of 4 feet, but can be made deeper as you want. 

Many of them opt for DIY pools which can be done as per your wish. You should try the DIY plunge pools from The Little Pools. They are one of leading pool manufacturers in Australia and have the industry’s most respected and experienced engineers.

About DIY pool

A DIY pool is not something that is built and installed in your backyard but it comes as a complete package. This consists of a pool shell, filter and pump. They are above-the-ground pools that need very little installation task. All they need is concrete surface to lay on which needs to be placed close to the electrical connection so that it can be connected for filtration and pumping. Once the installation is done, you can fill up the pool and it is ready to use. 

Most of the DIY plunge pools come pre-plumbed while some come with plumbing kits. However, you should plumb your pool yourself as this always needs to be done with the help of licensed professionals, as it needs to follow the safety and Australian standards.

The various types of DIY pools available in the market include vinyl-liner pools, shipping container pools and fibre-glass DIY pools. 

Plunge Pool installation

Plunge pools are the same as the traditional pool and that is why the installation process is the same but on a smaller scale. An in-ground pool would require an excavation. A pool deck can be prepared by using a tile, a block of wood or any other material. Any landscaping can be used. As it is small, it will take hardly time to build the plunge pool.

Maintenance and Care

Here as the cost is less for installation, its maintenance and care are also very cost-effective. They require less water and very few chemicals. It can be cleaned with a pool net or any handheld pool vacuum. 

Cost of Plunge Pools

The cost of plunge pools can vary depending on the size, materials and features. The average figure to install a pool is somewhere around $20,000. It can be lower than what it costs to have an -in-ground pool.   

By Manali