Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

If you want to invest in a stock market, you may need to invest with a reputable, professional person to help you run the stock market. Authorised persons are people who act as a liaison between investors and traders to support the business process. They compare what you have to make money with the best businesses available to help you grow your profits.

 Authorised persons are the most important players in the market, and they have some important roles to play. This article will take a closer look at authorised/legitimate people in the stock market.

Who is an Authorised Person?

An authorised person engages with stockbrokers to increase investment opportunities for investors. The activities of legitimate people include buying, selling, and dealing in securities and helping businesses grow the size of their businesses. They create a stock market field by bringing in new investors and helping existing clients get their money back. Their work also includes:

  • Assisting investors with business transactions.
  • Directing clients through financial advice.
  • Providing after-sales support.

Authorised people entities, however, are not directly registered at the exchange. As a result, they work in real estate, making them very successful businesses.

Sub broker franchise is a lucrative business that allows you to do business as an authorised person. You can unlock the opportunity to make money for yourself with dedication and effort. If you want to become an official, get a complete guide to register.

Authorised person must register under SEBI. There is also an agreement between the seller and the person stating both parties’ rules, regulations, rights, and financial policies.

Who can become an authorised person?

Anyone can become an authorised person if they can perform several roles in various fields, which may be shared under stock market, stockbroker, and client.

The legal entity of a legitimate person receives its licence from the seller. Upon receiving the approval, the main function of the legitimate person involves providing practical advice on client stock exchanges and helping them make good purchasing decisions. As a result, the primary function of a legitimate person in terms of selling shares is to grow businesses in their area.

With the stockbroker

Authorised personnel work under the category of real estate and must send a list of services to the property that contracts him or them. The activities of the authorised persons to the trader include,

Business growth

The main function of a legitimate person under the broker’s licence is to help them grow the business in their area. He is responsible for increasing the number of businesses by recruiting more people interested in investing in securities and stocks.

Its primary work is to open a Demat account and trading account of the clients who want to invest in the stock market and generate brokerage fees to the business to get the commission as a earning.

Maintain good manners

legitimate people are responsible for preventing investors from giving false documents to the seller and preserving the integrity of the main market.

Maintaining transparency in marketing

Legitimate people work closely with the vendor to maintain and record all records related to all transactions that go through his desk. They operate at customer interest rates on stocks, bonus rights, stocks, and other items. They should also help the seller correct the documents labelled as incorrect.

Build relationship with client

Authorised people are very important in helping entrepreneurs make the most of their money. Much depends on the ability of the right person to identify the best businesses for customers and encourage them to invest more. In this way, they serve two roles to help the lender grow the business, and the customers get their money back.


Another function of an authorised person is to help clients make informed decisions. They offer all possible support to enable customers to invest in safe investments and get the most out of their sales.

Financial advice

Authorised person will also help their clients by posting tips and marketing news about the best companies to facilitate their marketing process. He understands customer needs and financial goals and guides them with the best possible financial opportunities.

Any person who chooses to become an authorised person must receive guidance and lectures through courses and seminars as part of the gameplay and extend the knowledge to clients. In addition, they maintain relationships with customers, facilitate transactions and donations through newsletters and emails, and much more.

By Manali