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As a parent, you know how important nutrition is. Getting your child to eat the right amount and variety of foods can be quite challenging at times. While most kids are naturally drawn to sweet things and salty snacks, getting them to eat gummy bears regularly might seem like an uphill task. That’s why we are here to help. Even though we may have grown tired of gummy bears by now, they are still one of the best ways to get healthy doses of vitamins and minerals into kids (and adults) in an easy-to-eat format. Furthermore, unlike other sweets with artificial colors and flavours, gummy bears are relatively wholesome and safe for consumption. Thus, rather than banning them from your home forever, introduce delta 8 gummy as a better alternative that’s even more enjoyable for your kids and yourself as well.

What is a gummy bear?

Gummy bears are a type of chewy candy made from a combination of glucose syrup (or sugar), gelatin, and a variety of different flavourings. Despite their popular name, not all gummy bears are shaped like bears (though the majority are). Instead, they are often shaped like other cute animals, fruits, and vegetables. 

Gummies have been around for decades and have become increasingly popular with kids, especially after the creation of gummy vitamins that children can swallow easily. Gummies come in a wide variety of flavours and often include added vitamins and minerals, such as calcium and vitamin D. They’re also gluten-free and vegan-friendly, making them an excellent choice for people with food allergies.

How do they make a gummy bear?

The first thing to know about gummy bears is that they aren’t made from real bears. The second thing, though, is that they are made from gelatin, which is a naturally occurring protein extracted from animal bones and hooves. Nowadays, though, gelatin is often sourced from artificial sources and other non-animal substances. So, gummy bears are made from powdered gelatin, sugar, water, and various other flavourings and colorings. After the main ingredients are combined in a mixer, the gummy bear mixture is poured into moulds and then left to set. The duration of this process, along with the temperature of the environment the gummies are kept in, will affect the texture of the end product. Generally, though, gummy candies are softer and chewier than other sweets, and they often have a more squishy consistency.

The Benefits of Delta 8 Gummies for Kids

– Improved Bone Health: Calcium is an important mineral that plays an important role in bone development and maintenance. A single serving of Delta 8 gummies contains at least 50% of the daily recommended intake of calcium. Thus, your kid will be well-prepared for their growing years and the risk of developing conditions such as osteoporosis will be reduced.

– Stronger Teeth: While calcium is crucial for strong bones, it can also help prevent tooth decay and promote proper dental development. And since Delta 8 gummies are fortified with vitamin D, your kids will also receive an ample amount of this vitamin. Vitamin D is essential for healthy teeth, as it promotes calcium absorption.

– Improved Mood and Cognition: Gummy vitamins also contain vitamin B12, which plays an important role in boosting mood, energy levels, and cognitive function.

Why are these Gummies so Good for You?

We’ve already established that Delta 8 gummies are excellent sources of calcium and vitamin D. What many people don’t know, though, is that these gummies also contain vitamin C and vitamin E. These are both powerful antioxidants that help neutralize free radicals and prevent oxidative damage in the body. Thus, consuming gummy vitamins that are rich in vitamins C and E can help reduce your child’s risk of developing conditions such as heart disease and certain types of cancers. Besides their impressive nutritional profile, Delta 8 gummies are also certified gluten-free and peanut-free. This is important for parents whose children have food allergies or are extra sensitive to certain ingredients. You can check here if you are one of the many people looking for delta 8 gummies reviews before purchasing.

Why are these Gummies so Good for Adults too?

As we already mentioned, these gummies are fortified with essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin B12, and calcium. While kids need these nutrients for their growth and development, they are also important for adults. Vitamin C, for example, is involved in the production of collagen and promotes a healthy immune system. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that can help prevent the development of certain types of cancers. Vitamin B12 is important for energy metabolism and red blood cell production. Thus, consuming these gummy vitamins regularly can boost your energy levels, improve your mood, and even prevent certain conditions.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Gummies?

As we mentioned earlier, gummy vitamins are an easy and convenient way to get essential minerals and vitamins into your diet. However, for them to be truly effective, you need to consume the right dosage. While it varies from person to person, the recommended daily intake of calcium for adults is around 1,000 mg. Delta 8 gummies have at least 20% of this amount, which means they are a good source of calcium. 

Bear in mind, though, that your child might need additional calcium if they are growing rapidly. Consult a doctor before giving your child more than one gummy per day. When it comes to vitamin C, the RDA (recommended daily allowance) is 90 mg for adults, while it is 50 mg if your child is below the age of 9. Again, though, these values are merely a minimum. If you want to enjoy the full benefits of these gummies, you need to consume more vitamin C than the RDA recommends.

By Manali