Sun. May 19th, 2024

Pianos can be quite fragile and require keen carefulness when moving. That is why such tactful jobs should be done only by professionals like those found at Utah Piano Movers. These professional piano movers take on the job of helping you move your piano to avoid the risk of damage, injuries, or stress involved in having to move your piano by yourself.

While there are several moving companies, not all can handle your piano with the right care except professionals who have been trained for this task. 

Below are some of the reasons why you need the services of professional piano movers to help you move your piano safely.

Pianos Weigh A Lot

The internal parts of the pianos are made up of mostly iron and solid wood, which makes them really heavy. The smallest pianos(spinet) weigh around 250 to 450 pounds, while the larger pianos can weigh between 500 to 900 pounds, and the grand pianos can weigh around 1,300 to 1,500 pounds.

With such weight, attempting to move your piano by yourself can be very hard, even with the help of friends. But professional piano movers have been trained for this task and would be able to handle it perfectly.

Pianos are Expensive

Pianos are not cheap. They are expensive to purchase and maintain regardless of type or size. Even the smallest of pianos can cost you thousands of dollars. Professional piano movers will help you secure every investment you’ve made on your piano by making sure it arrives without any dent.

It will save you the extra cost for repairs on the damage that could occur due to manhandling or do-it-yourself moving. It’s safer to pay for the services of these professional movers than incur damages on your piano while trying to be cost-effective.

Pianos Have Some Emotional Value

Oftentimes, time spent on the piano can create some of the fondest memories, and some owners can become emotionally attached to their pianos. It can also be a family monument that has been passed down across generations.

If you have such an attachment to your piano, any damage to it can affect your emotions. To save you from such emotional distress, preserve your memories and keep the long-run family tradition, let the professionals do the job. 

Pianos Are Fragile 

Pianos may look indestructible but are fragile and are easily prone to damage. This is because pianos are complex, with lots of internal parts that are delicate. Improper handling of the piano while it’s been moved, can cause damage to the piano’s internal sound mechanism.

Other parts of the piano, like the keys and legs, can also be affected when your piano is not moved with care. Professional piano movers know how delicate your piano is and know which parts can be easily dented, cracked, or damaged. Hiring them will save you from worrying about noticeable or unnoticeable damage you can cause if you do it yourself.

Pianos Can Cause Accidents While Being Moved

The piano can be tagged as one of the most harmful pieces of furniture to relocate. Its numerous dimensions, unusual weight, and fragile nature can lead to accidents while it is being moved.

You can sustain Injuries, cuts, aches, or bruises while trying to move it by yourself. Avoid all of these by hiring professionals. They make sure they get the job done fast without causing harm to anyone.

Pianos Need To Be Moved With The Right Equipment And Proper Experience

Professionals are experienced and trained to move your piano without any risk. They have the proper gears and or equipment to get the job done without any stress. You may have the strength to move your piano by yourself, but certainly not the experience nor the right equipment that will ensure the safety of your piano.

Pianos Should Be Moved By Companies With Insurance

A good reason to hire professional piano movers is that they are licensed and insured. They have insurance policies that cover the cost for any possible piano damage. This policy ensures you get proper compensation if your obligations are not properly fulfilled. They assess your piano before moving and after it has arrived to ensure quality service.

Pianos Consume Time While Moving

Trying to move your piano by yourself can be time-wasting alongside other disadvantages. Hiring professional piano movers makes moving faster—allowing you to focus on other household items that need to be moved.

In conclusion, moving your piano should not pose any problem as long as you can get the right people to do it. Hiring professional piano movers is a necessary convenience to consider for not only the safety of your piano but yours also.

By Manali