Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the promotion of a website to the top of search engine results. This method is suitable for online stores, service sites, corporate sites, information portals and, in rare cases, even landing pages.

In this article, we will talk about the features of SEO and the history of the development of this tool. We will also briefly describe the work that helps sites reach the first lines of search engine results and attract more traffic and sales.

How does search promotion work?

The ranking formula includes hundreds of factors with different weighting factors, the exact composition of this formula is unknown to any of the optimizers, but the principle of its operation is not a secret. Search engines are interested in responding to their queries as best as possible.

The task of SEO optimization is to refine the site in such a way that search engines consider it to be of the highest quality, complete and unique response to a user request. The better it is, the higher its position in the SERP will be, and the more people will see it, which means that attendance and the number of conversions to order or sales will increase. To do this, the best guest posting service India is required.

There are many nuances in search promotion that a competent contractor can help you figure out, but there are two factors that must always be considered:

  • Demand for your product or service must be formed. Users cannot search for something that they do not suspect exists, if there are no search queries on your topic, there will be no traffic and sales.
  • It should be possible to edit the site. Some platforms and builders do not allow you to make changes to the site to the extent necessary for successful promotion, which has an extremely negative effect on SEO results.

Why do you need SEO?

Simultaneously with the advent of search engines in the distant 90s, many users realized that they needed to learn search engine algorithms in order to easily get traffic and customers on the Internet. At that time, an understanding came of why SEO was needed and such a profession as “SEO specialist” appeared – these were people who were professionally engaged in SEO promotion of sites. During this period, basically, it was enough to spam the text with keywords in order to be in high positions. The search results were terrible and did not satisfy either users or search engines.

Modern SEO

After about 2015, SEO Specialists India realized that the rules of the game had changed a lot. To date, more than 800 factors are declared that participate in the ranking formula. The only way to advance in the TOP-10 of the issue today is a systematic and comprehensive work on the site.

Working with content

The first acquaintance of users with your site occurs in the search results. That is, the first thing users will see is a snippet that consists of text, emoji and, in some cases, additional elements in the presence of micro-markup (contacts, prices, questions and answers, star rating, navigation chain, etc.

In order for users to go to your site, the snippet must contain keywords, and it must not be spam. Also, the snippet should be attractive: and contain USP, emoji, and additional elements (which were mentioned above).

In order for the snippet to be the most attractive, you need to work on compiling title and description Meta tags. 

After the user has gone to the site, in addition to buttons, links, commercial elements, photos and videos, text content is important, which will help users find the answer to their question or make a decision to purchase a product or service.

By Manali