Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

If you are looking for a platform to work with, the XM brokerage firm allows you to use Metatrader 4, which is considered the best trading terminal nowadays. With a lot of features inside, MT4 gives you a lot of benefits, as you can buy and sell various trading assets and do deep market research. MT4 by XM comes in both desktop and mobile versions. You can also enjoy this platform in your browser if you don’t want to download and install the desktop version.

Various Versions of MT4

As you can guess, XM allows you to download the desktop version of the platform as well as install the mobile platform. The desktop version offers a lot of features, including technical indicators, expert advisors, strategy testers, and others. Moreover, when you use this variation of Metatrader 4, you can upload the latest indicators and various scripts.

When it comes to the mobile version of the platform, it comes in the form of an app, which you can install on your Android or iOS device. This platform is almost similar to the desktop one, but it has fewer options, as you can’t, for instance, use expert advisors there or test strategies. However, when it comes to the basic features like trading and market analysis, the mobile version of XM MT4 has no differences when compared to the desktop platform.

Traders can also use the web platform by Metaquotes, which provides an opportunity for them to start trading right away without downloading or installing anything. The web platform works directly from your browser, and to access it, you simply need to log in to your account and credit it with enough money.

The Benefits of XM MT4

When it comes to advantages that this platform offers to traders, we can mention its reliability as compared to many of its rivals. It is true that Metatrader is considered one of the most stable trading terminals in the niche. Its reliability is confirmed by many traders from various regions.

The next advantage of MT4 that we should mention here is a broad range of assets. When dealing with this trading terminal, you can enjoy Forex currency pairs as well as a plethora of CFDs that include stocks, indices, commodities, etc.

Metatrader 4 is a reliable tool to buy and sell assets, but it is also a good platform to conduct technical analysis. It offers a lot of instruments like technical indicators, trend lines, support and resistance levels, channels, and others that allow you to forecast price fluctuations. By using this trading terminal, you can add newly created indicators, scripts, and even trading bots.


The XM brokerage firm offers a lot of opportunities to traders with various skills. Along with all the features that you can enjoy, you can also use a sophisticated trading platform with many great features, including technical indicators and graphic tools. MT4 by XM is available in various versions, meaning you can use it on your desktop mobile or equally enjoy it on your mobile gadget. With Metatrader 4 by XM, you can have whatever you need to make reasonable trading decisions and place various types of orders.

By Manali