Wed. Jun 19th, 2024

Now call me paranoid but, I like to be prepared in case of an emergency. This is especially true of my car. With so many uncontrollable variables. It gives me a major case of anxiety to think that something could happen and I’d be unprepared for it. When I was sixteen years old, I’d saved enough money from a summer job to buy an old Camaro. I worked on it for around a year, and after I had finally gotten my license you couldn’t get me out of that thing! If you needed a ride somewhere, I was your guy! This all sounds great, and for the time it was. I just wish I had known that that time was going to last all of three days. This is because, on the third day I had my license, someone ran a red arrow and t-boned me. It totaled my car, and just like that, a whole year of blood sweat, and tears went down the drain. As I limped out of my vehicle and felt a hot stream of blood running down my face, waiting for the fire department, or the paramedics. I thought to myself. “Man, I wish I had kept a first-aid kit in the car.” I’m fine now, my injuries were incredibly minor. But that got me thinking, I need to do more. And this isn’t even just about the big things either. I worry about the little things just as much if not more. When you consider that the small things happen so much more regularly than the big things, it starts to make you think. “How can I be more prepared?” Even if it’s something as simple as the rain, it makes me think I should start carrying a small umbrella around just in case. And honestly, I’ve adopted the practice! This line of thinking led me on a long and winding path of what is necessary to keep in one’s car. And after a couple of months of soul-searching and deliberation, I think I have it! 

A Gallon of Water

First off, no you don’t need to have an actual gallon jug of water in your car at all times. But having a sizable amount of water that you can use for yourself and others, is highly recommended. A gallon of water has a myriad of uses that can help in an emergency. If it’s been a long hot day commuting, you can always drink it. If you find someone who’s in a more dire need than you, you can give it to them. If you get into an accident and sustain some minor injury you can use it to wash out the wound. It is that flexible. A gallon of water has so many uses, that I won’t bore you by sitting here, and laboriously detailing them. But suffice it to say. If you find yourself in need, then there is nothing quite as versatile as a gallon of water! 

First Aid!

Something truly unfortunate about driving is the plain and simple fact that it is dangerous. You are essentially moving a small room around at 40 miles an hour, and if even the slightest thing goes wrong. The consequences can be dire. Having a first-aid kit in your car won’t solve all your problems. But if you’re in an accident and have some minor wounds, then it is a small miracle to have. A first aid kit is practical, and essential to have in one’s car. And its usefulness doesn’t just extend to car accidents. They are great to bring along when camping as well! When you’re in the wilderness accidents can happen. Being prepared with a first aid kit will offer you a measure of protection. While being unintrusive to the rest of your trip! Being prepared is important, and that’s why it is so important to have a safety net under your corner! 

Outdoor Gear

Speaking of the great outdoors, my next entry will come as a bit of a no-brainer to some but is devilishly easy to miss for others. I’m talking of course about outdoor gear. Jackets, blankets, even a small umbrella. These are all necessary if you live in an area with a temperamental climate. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been out already when it has started to rain. All of a sudden my whole day’s been ruined because every time I go outside I get soaked head to toe. Keeping a jacket in my car for this very reason has been an incredible boon to my life. Now, I know this entry is for more of your everyday softer emergencies. But let me tell you. The second you wish you had a jacket, only to look over to find one is the second a smile erupts on your face!

Keeping a cache of items in your car can feel like a full-time job. But trust me. If you’re out there and god-forbid anything happens. You’ll want every little bit of help that you can get! 

By Manali