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Everybody takes recovery differently. For some, it’s a wonderful feeling. For others, it could be stressful. Some may feel a mix of emotions – wonderful at first, stressful later. 

It is important to deal with stress and negative feelings like guilt (about what you did in the past) to stay sober. If you fail to manage stress, it can lead to relapse. 

Although relapse is nothing to be shameful about, it disturbs your morale and takes in more energy than ever to recover again. 

Here are a few healthy tips you can follow to avoid stress while living in halfway houses in New York

1. Follow the rules religiously

Not following the house rules can be stressful itself. Rules of halfway houses are made to help people create a healthy routine. This goes a long way in helping you live a sober and happy life. A timetable for sleep, meals, meditation, meetings and sessions, exercise, work, and recreational activities makes life healthier, happier, and easier to live without alcohol or drugs. 

2. Work on your hobby

What are your hobbies? It’s normal for you to have buried your hobbies and talents during your active addiction days. In those days, the only thing you wanted was alcohol or drugs. In fact, your hobby was to get drunk! Now, with sober living, you must channelize your energy to productive and creative activities. Living in a house helps you discover your hobbies and talents. Click here: 토토사이트

3. Eat a balanced diet

Alcohol and drugs snatch away the vitality from your body. You often don’t eat well when you are drunk or on a “high.” This may lead to malnutrition. Living in a halfway house gives you a chance to enhance your physical health by eating balanced and timely meals, combining them with proper workouts. 

You will see the difference in your appearance after a month of eating and exercising well. 

4. Sleep well

Curfews at halfway houses give you an opportunity to catch your beauty sleep (7-8 hours) every night. This is because you have to be at the house at a fixed time every evening. This leaves no chance to wander at night and get tempted to drink. Everything is on time here. This brings your body back to its natural rhythm, which, in turn, reduces stress and paves way for a better life. 

5. Meditation 

Beat stress with meditation. Just 10-15 minutes of mindful breathing leaves you refreshed with no clutter of thoughts. You feel calm and composed. If sitting cross-legged and meditating is not your cup of tea, you can go for walks in solitude amidst nature. Mother Nature exudes amazing healing vibes. Do this daily and watch the difference in your thoughts and attitude. 

Or you could just sit in quietness in whatever pose you like, breathing deeply and slowly, letting go of everything. 

To cope with the stress that may come after quitting drinking or drugs, it is wise to live in a halfway house in New York to “train” your mind, body, and spirit for a sober life. 

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